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  1. Maillie

    Finally Chapter 18 Can Be Finished

    The badge requirements for the last row were removed! I no longer have to have a bazillion time boosts and weeks of play to finish a single tech. I have no idea how far back this goes, my main city is much larger and was able to finish this a long time ago. I'm interested in finding out what...
  2. Maillie

    Chapter 16

    I am finally finishing Chapter 15 in one of my live cities. My Beta city is still plodding through it. I have been in this chapter for what seems to be just short of forever. Week after week, month after month I have been making tier 6, trading tier 6, over and over and over. The only fun...
  3. Maillie

    [New Feature] New Traveling Merchant with Sentient Goods

    Summary Implement a Traveling Merchant type of building offering Sentient Goods. Description In the earlier days of the game some fellowships, and entire Neighborhoods, were without a certain goods production. I actually have pictures of 9 pages of nothing but trades for marble. The Traveling...