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  1. Jackluyt

    Tournament Trophies

    Does anyone know anything about these new Tournament trophies?
  2. Jackluyt

    New Game Features Artifact Fragments

    Artifact Fragments I believe there is an unhappy defect in the current system of evolving buildings. At present one can easily make six or seven of the artifacts required to evolve an event grand prize building; another two are usually offered in an FA following immediately after the event...
  3. Jackluyt

    Platinum Leaf has vacancies

    Platinum Leaf has vacancies We have three unexpected openings for enthusiastic players who love Spire, Tournaments and Adventures! We are usually placed in the top five in all three. This is a friendly drama-free group that does not often have openings - so now is your chance. Apply in-game
  4. Jackluyt

    WANTED: Enthusiastic good natured players for tourney, Spire and FA!

    Platinum Leaf Beta has two vacancies - looking for replacement players who can help us maintain our good record in FA, Tournament and Spire! Friendly no-drama group. Apply in-game if interested. :) :)
  5. Jackluyt

    Not a Bug Broken word processor.

    Hi! Here is a post I made in US2, using the HTML5 game version. As you can see it is nicely laid out with line breaks, which is the way one can do posts in HTML5 not Flash: I copied EXACTLY the same post, changed names and numbers and pasted into the Beta fellowship's chat (also HTML5) - and...
  6. Jackluyt

    Happy Independence Day!

    Happy Independence Day to all our USA members - may you enjoy a blessed day in the company of family and good friends! ♥♥ Please keep safe and wear a mask and observe social distancing in crowded places and indoors - and remember that fireworks freak out many pets, so keep them indoors, turn on...
  7. Jackluyt

    Platinum Leaf has a vacancy

    Platinum Leaf has a vacancy! This is a friendly relaxed group that consistently gets good results in tournaments and adventures. Apply in-game. ☺☺
  8. Jackluyt

    Our heartfelt condolences to Wowwie

    Something terrible happened to Wowwie - an electrical fault started a fire that burnt her house to the ground. Fortunately no one was injured, but they lost everything they own, except the pyjamas they were sleeping in. They are currently living in temporary housing given by the Red Cross...
  9. Jackluyt

    Slow Google Chrome?

    'Tab Discarding' in Google Chrome: A Memory-Saving Experiment Chrome recently introduced a feature that puts Browser Tabs to sleep when you leave to go elsewhere on your browser. This is damn irritating when you come back a minute later and have to struggle to wake it up again! Although this...
  10. Jackluyt

    Platinum Leaf #2 just launched on Beta!

    ONLY TWO PLACES LEFT!   NEW IN BETA WORLD! AND SEVEN CHESTS LAST WEEK, WHEN WE HAD JUST 18 MEMBERS!! This is an affiliate of the main Platinum Leaf group - which does ten tournament chests every week, and came first in the recent Fellowship Adventures. This new group is is tailored to: * be...
  11. Jackluyt

    Ten-chest fellowship looking for a good player

    PLATINUM LEAF BETA is a ten-chest fellowship who love Adventures too. We are usually highly-placed on the Beta server - and last week managed number one spot. We are looking for enthusiastic friendly players Contact me in-game if interested. We also have a waiting list, if you apply at a time...
  12. Jackluyt

    Looking for Tournament Players

    This is a friendly no-drama group of experienced players. Looking for people who will be active in all aspects of the game, especially Tournaments every week, and Fellowship Adventures. Contact me in-game if interested.
  13. Jackluyt


    HERE IS A FIX TO THE PROBLEM OF THE NEW CHROME UPGRADE LOSING OUR PREFERENCE TO ALLOW FLASHPLAYER TO RUN ON OUR GAME! Thanks to Mikki Gleisner for this! * Type chrome://flags/ into the address bar of Chrome * Use search (CTRL+F) to find Ephemeral Flash Permissions * Disable that feature, it...
  14. Jackluyt

    Changes to early chapters.

    I can't find the Release note now - but recently I saw something about improving the early stages of the game to make it more attractive to beginners - or words to that effect. This popped up in my experimental new city late in Chapter II. I have never seen this before, in my older cities...
  15. Jackluyt

    Q&A Summary Live Session August 23 2018

    Q&A SUMMARY LIVE SESSION AUGUST 23 2018. I am not going to edit the video, because there was really not enough 'meat' in the session to justify the time it would take. Very disappointing. Here is my summary of the main points: 1. AMUNI: Timon and Tom talked us through the new Guest...
  16. Jackluyt

    Wanted: Tournament player!

    This is a friendly group of people who take the game seriously without being obsessive. Zero-Drama Zone! We are always looking to improve out Tournament performance. Apply in-game if interested!
  17. Jackluyt

    Files, Notes and Videos from Elvenar Platinum Leaf

    Elvenar Platinum Leaf is the largest free-to-share public Facebook group with 5000 members and growing all the time. You are welcome to share all our Files, Notes and videos with all your friends and fellowship. We also have more than 100 videos, and we create Notes for each Event and...
  18. Jackluyt

    Edited Q & A

    Here is an edited version of today's live Q & A session, covering The Elementals as well as a few other topics. It is quite disappointing – there are so many unanswered questions still languishing in our Ask Timon & Rike threads on the Forums:. You can post questions there to be considered...
  19. Jackluyt

    New Fighting Strategy Video

    Here is a video that explains why some province types like Scrolls are more difficult to fight than others - and how to recognize them, and how to make the best of a bad deal! Particularly for those players who are unfortunate enough to have that material type as their Boost! IMO, this is a...