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  1. Sorceries (inventory)

    In inventory there’s a tab that i haven’t noticed before ”Sorceries” - ”this is where you store your sorceries that you can win in events or other occasions”. A new feature ? Or have I missed some announcement ? What are those ? I noticed this in ipad, haven’t checked if it is visible other...
  2. How long is the "locked out" period for new fellowship members ?

    Yesterday there was some confusion in my fellowship as the game locked out a new member for a second week in a row out of the spire (it was quickly sorted by support). The info might be somewhere in some thread but anyway I'm asking here now. If a member joins a fellowship, monday for example...
  3. Cannot reproduce Offer icon [ipad]

    There seems to be an offer of some kind, clicking the icon on ipad doesn’t open it - the offer screen just flashes open for a second, too quick to see what it is. updated to the latest game version, still doesn’t work.
  4. Effect of premium expansions on world map or other encounters

    Is there any ? I haven't paid much attention to this issue as the Heff account has several premium expansions from way way back and there's no going back (remember the times when those were cheap - at least compared to todays prices). But I seem to remember that there's been some discussion...
  5. Connection problem notification

    Haven't seen this one before So, I click and it goes away - then I logged out and back in and there it is again. I'm talking about browser version, app worked fine and updated ok when I collected. Internet is working fine, don't see it when connecting from live server.
  6. Not a Bug [Mobile]Ipad - Main event icon stopped working

    The icon that shows time left, amount of event currency, chests etc has stopped responding. It worked alright some four hours ago - maybe the change of day (new daily prize info etc) broke it. The screen just flickers when you tap the icon - all other icons on the screen work alright...
  7. Orcs in worldmap & tournament

    I've been tinkering with my early chapter city quite a while, thinking of moving forward now. However I've enjoyed the simple life and I'd like to keep it as simple as possible, so... When do you begin to need orcs clearing the worldmap provinces ? When do you begin to need orcs when...