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  1. AllanSimonsen

    Feedback Halloween Event

    :(Well, mine are 3 days 9 hours ...
  2. AllanSimonsen

    Feedback Halloween Event

    Just another event with the aim to distract players from major problems in the game and to promote the Magic Academy (without it you can´t complete the quest line).
  3. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] Behind the Scenes: Battle Redesign

    For building our cities we need space. And in order to get space we have to clear provinces. The problem is that the costs for negotiating are far too high. Example? to clear a province in ring 14 I need: 90.900 tier-1-goods 78.400 tier-2-goods and 104.500 tier-3-goods So the only other way to...
  4. AllanSimonsen

    Petition for "Old Wholesaler"

    Count me in. The new wholesaler is total crap. Don't try to "rebalance" it. Bring us back the old one
  5. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.11

    Just another brick in the wall. Elvenar is definitely not a game for people who want to make their own decisions. Magic Academy is already mandatory aswell as it is now the research of all Wonders. I predicted this a few months ago on the German Server. Pretty soon building wonders will be...
  6. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] New Questline: The Contest

    Goryn, are you sure Brummbaer plays without diamonds?;) Brummbaer, maybe you can give us a hint, how you managed to get two armories level 21, all the runes for the new wonders and so many expansions (how many provinces have you cleared so far?).
  7. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.4 + Tournaments

    I like the new feature, too. May be it needs some rebalancing, but the idea is great. Also think that integrating the fellowship in this feature would be a fantastic idea. Just a few questions: 1. Can I see anywhere how many tournament points I have at the moment? 2. Can I see anywhere the...
  8. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.1 + Chapter VII: Fairies

    Their answers are: "The first thing we should do, would be evaluate the context of the statement (Beta is not a test-server). I have talked with Muf-Muf, the Beta Community Manager. Beta is and will be our test-server. Usually this is also communicated in this way. In the topic ( thread) the...
  9. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.1 + Chapter VII: Fairies

    Thank you very much, Goryn. This was my original opinion, too. But the whole flock of German Mods harrassed me, when I stated this opinion. Now I will confront them with your answer. For me it's logical that a long-serving Beta-Mod knows more about his server than young German welps who don't...
  10. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.1 + Chapter VII: Fairies

    Dear Goryn, The German Mods told me that this statement of yours is false. Beta is a test server. So please correct your statement, so everybody will know what is true and what is wrong. Thank you in advance! Allan
  11. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.1 + Chapter VII: Fairies

    Wow, Ballantines! That's incredible! How did you manage to clear so many provinces despite of the immense scouting costs? Two days ago, I had only two more provinces left for scouting (all others exceeded scouting costs of 5700000) and I was only able to clear 287 provinces. What`s the clue...
  12. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] InnoGames TV - March Episode

    I have 285 provinces cleared and there are only 4 provinces left to scout. All other provinces' scouting costs exceed 5.700.000.
  13. AllanSimonsen

    Whats your Boost % rate now ?

    update: planks 472% silk 472% gems 482%
  14. AllanSimonsen

    How many provinces you have done

    Update: 256 provinces cleared. The Blessed Paladin doin' a good job.
  15. AllanSimonsen

    "We shape the game to most of our liking"

    The problem is that too many players have left Beta and too many players have given up hopes. It's a bit different on the German Servers. Right now in the German Forum the Mods are eating shit, because of so many players opposing the changes.
  16. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 0.30

    The problem in this game is that the bike is broken and you are taking away the ball. So we can`t even play with the ball anymore!
  17. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 0.30

    QUOTE="Hoshi, post: 28952, member: 31"]The decent manner is hard to be determined, as it can vary. Instead I can tell you what is not decent. There were players who didn't do anything other than constantly declining repeatable quests just to get the one that was appealing to them, completed it...
  18. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 0.30

    Dear Hoshi, how have you changed. I really admired you at the start of the game ... So there is a decent way to play the game! You can be sure that every player wants to play the game in a decent manner. Please tell us, what exactly is a decent manner to play the game: how many...
  19. AllanSimonsen

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 0.30

    Dear Goryn, please tell me how many clicks and how many hours do you need to gain easily - let's say - just 3 millions of coins and 3 millions of supplies. And which quests do you use for it, when you are let's say in the second set of repeatable quests (Elves). I play here since the very...