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  1. AllanSimonsen

    "We shape the game to most of our liking"

    As the game is shaped to most of our liking, and Inno changes the game following requests made by many players, I request this: Please give us back all repeatable quests exactly as they were three months ago. They were much better as those we've got now! So, please, everybody who wants...
  2. AllanSimonsen

    Game over!

    game started on: 28th of january 2015 tech-tree: finished scouting: finished* battles : finished** provinces: cleared*** construction: finished expansions: finished**** main quest: finished repeatable quests: irrepeatable supplies: zero production: zero training troops: zero activities...
  3. AllanSimonsen

    It's hard to understand you, Inno!

    News from the German Server: Darthus (Co-Community Manager): "Game rules have been updated. It's now allowed to have more than one account in the same world without having to inform the support-team." First the nonsense with the repeatables and now this. It's really hard to understand you...
  4. AllanSimonsen

    The truth about neighborhood!

    Hi folks! Here comes the truth about neighborhood!:eek: During the last 4 weeks I have been watching, contacting and analyzing my neighborhood. These are the facts: I have completed 76 provinces and discovered 69 neighbors. From those 69 neighbors 45 have to be considered inactive as there...
  5. AllanSimonsen

    Allan Simonsen

    Hello everybody! My name is Allan Simonsen and I'm from Germany. This is the first time I'am playing an Inno-Game, so everything is quite new for me. During the last four years I've been playing The Settlers Online (well, I’m still kind of playing it but without great commitment). Before that...