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  1. Konys

    Not a Bug There is no Set Bonus by the Pilgrim Manor´s Set

    Hi @Ludwig12 could you please add some screenshots and/or clarify as @SlyLady asked? Edit: combo! It's the way Sets work: you don't see "normal" production collected, but all the production given from the linked set.
  2. Konys

    Cannot reproduce world map has issues

    Confirmed; fellowship's flags are present (or at least most of them) but player's names have no banner and provinces show no goods. @Maillie this is a bug report in Bugs and Errors section, please post it in the event related discussion.
  3. Konys

    Not a Bug Tooltip inside Trophies at Fellowship overview

    As @Pauly7 said, this is not a bug but the right Spire Fellowship Rewards description. Spire Bronze Trophy is the following, appearing hovering over the right icon:
  4. Konys

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    @Maillie here is Beta, you have to report on your live server because we're running a different version and so we can't handle it.
  5. Konys

    Not a Bug buildings thatr not been upgraded

    This is not a bug; as @SoggyShorts explained, stages and chapters are not the same and require different objects.
  6. Konys

    Not a Bug Colors missing in battles selection

    I'll archive as non bug :) If you'll experience once again, please let us know.
  7. Konys

    Fixed [36526] Stuck loading in app

    Confirmed both iOS and Android.
  8. Konys

    Duplicate Sorcerers Homecoming event - mission 35

    Duplicate https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/problem-in-quest-number-35-for-the-event-sorcerers-homecoming.16708/
  9. Konys

    Cannot reproduce Dialogue boxes askew

    Thanks everyone!
  10. Konys

    Cannot reproduce Dialogue boxes askew

    Thanks @Alcaro; I'll let it open until tuedsay, than I'll label it as cannot reproduce.
  11. Konys

    Cannot reproduce [36360] Ascended goods - Recently added offer

    And finally, I can confirm it. Reproduction steps: 1. hire a Merchant 2. place a trade 3. use Time Booster instant to have Merchant available once again 4. place a new trade 5. see that trades now last more than 6 days
  12. Konys

    Confirmed [36363] Main Hall glitch

  13. Konys

    Cannot reproduce Dialogue boxes askew

    Is this affecting other players? In that case, please let us know because I'm not able to reproduce it.
  14. Konys

    Incomplete Quest display

    Hi @Dollarbang, could you please fill the bug report as showed here?
  15. Konys

    Fixed [36102] Level 32 manufactory shows wrong text

    Confirmed for planks and marble too.
  16. Konys

    Fairy Queen or Queen Fairy

    This is not game bug related, but text; so I'll move it to the right place.