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  1. LayDHawk2

    Incomplete provinces to clear

    after completing/clearing a province the text read clear 17 provinces for your next expansion???? a bug? not a bug? please help
  2. LayDHawk2

    Feeding / Pet Food

    with the new blue bird of happiness and at least two birds that I would like to feed, there really isnt enough pet food coming up in the academy. Are you working on that or do you still think we will spend 50 diamonds to see the next batch of things that aren't pet food?
  3. LayDHawk2

    Not a Bug City Visits Using the app

    After using the App myself, love it by the way, I began to notice things that didn't seem correct. When I used to use the old fashioned way of clicking on the world map and looking around the city certain things were obvious. Lots of different culture were available to click on. After...