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  1. Fixed [34242] FA - the pit(hole) will not open

    is there a work around?
  2. Discussion Release Notes version 1.102

    I have tried this on the app, and I can see the members AW's but I can't donate KP Instants to any AW
  3. Discussion Release Notes version 1.98

    When oh when does it come to live worlds? Please, Pretty Please.
  4. Discussion Release Notes version 1.90

    Can I be picky, and point out that you have said that the AW's for the elvenar get their secondairy rather than secondary bonus's !!
  5. Discussion Release Notes version 1.84

    What is a djinn building?
  6. Discussion Release Notes version 1.78

    Having extended the Sequential quest line for the Evolving Pheonix Quest, are you going to extend the time as well, since I'm sure a number of us have now not got enough time to complete the quests, but would have if the quests were in from the beginning. Regards Indigomage
  7. Discussion Release Notes 1.71

    Interestingly, moving any one set building, (and saying Ok to the move warning Message) fixes all set buildings even from other sets, in completely different areas of the city :-)
  8. Ranelv3 Recruiting

    Come join. We're here to keep up with upcoming features and events for our home cities. Not super serious here, just playing and paying attention. No restrictions or rules on trade, participation, city size, etc. The game mechanics are the only rules. Beta: Build. Trade. Do Whatever.
  9. Discussion Release Notes version 1.59

    Ranking fix +1
  10. Discussion Release Notes version 1.59

    Surely you should be able to see yourself as a contributor to your own AW, otherwise you won't know how much you have contributed
  11. Discussion Release Notes version 1.58

    Can we ask which order you are planning on tackling the browsers. I'm not looking for timescales or anything just a rough order. Only so that those of us that are using a specific browser can see where it is in the list!
  12. Discussion HTML5

    how do I disable html5 when I can't connect to the game,and I don't have chrome