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  1. Looking for a new home

    I'm fully boosted in Planks/Silk/Dust. I play daily but can only promise visits 4 times a week (work schedule dictates those days). I'll always visit what you have specified (unless that's not possible due to lack of said item) and I expect the same in return. I play in tournaments, but not...
  2. Not able to connect

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue on the beta site? I can get in on all live servers, but can't connect at all to beta.
  3. What is the POINT of Beta

    For a long time I read many posts made in live by respected members telling those of us who were interested in impacting the changes the game was making to join beta. That the POINT of beta was to test the changes so that LIVE wouldn't be impacted. Yet all I see is changes made in beta, then a...
  4. Need

    I need a new FS. I'm fully boosted in Planks, Silk, and Dust. I play daily (though due to work schedule can only promise NH/Visits to members 4 times a week - I try to do more, but that is, again, dependent on schedule). I want the majority (if not all) of the members to honor my request for...
  5. Having to reload/refresh in order to reset buildings?

    Has anyone else had a problem where after you collect your productions (goods, supplies, other settlement) that when you click the building to reset it, it won't open? This has been happening to me on beta for a couple of months now, but at the time it wasn't happening on live server. It's...
  6. Can't access Beta account

    Is anyone else having this problem?