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  1. Dhurrin

    Research "End of the Line" avatar

    I'd like the idea of introducing an Avatar for those who have reached the end of the research tree. This one should automatically be erased from a players collection with the introduction of a new chapter, but it really is not that bad an idea to reward those players who get to the end of the...
  2. Dhurrin

    Enough is enough

    To all other posters here: Perhaps we haven't always been in agreement, but generally speaking I found that the players here have been trying to get themselves heard. And I have enjoyed reading the posts of and discussing with many people. However, player feedback seems to have very close to...
  3. Dhurrin

    mistwalkers too powerfull

    Summary The mistwalkers seem to be rather overpowered, whereas player units have been powered down. Also, mistwalkers are encountered way too early in the game Description Mistwalkers will ALWAYS move first since there is no player unit that has an initiative that is even equal to it. Also with...
  4. Dhurrin


    Ok,I get the idea: one needs to train apprentices as the special goods for the new chapter. And from what I understand, they need to be trained in several combinations. Can anyone enlighten me on exactly how much time it takes to train them? (I guess the lvl of the faculty will either improve...
  5. Dhurrin

    Communication [Communication] make ingame messages accept copy/paste

    Summary For some reason it is impossible to copy/paste parts from the ingame messages. This really is not a very acceptable situation in this day and age. Motivation Many times with ingame messages to FS members one may want to quote only part to keep the text down to reasonable length. This...
  6. Dhurrin

    Not a Bug bug reporting on regular US server does not work

    Game version: __ v1.22.10-(dc19b04) (2017-02-09 10:18) Game world: Beta1/Elcysandir Browser + version: Opera & Google Chrome Flash Player version: just installed latest version Operating System: Windows 10 & windows 7 Screen resolution: 1440x900 Account name: Dhurrin Humans or Elves:Elves...
  7. Dhurrin

    Not a Bug valentines event on regular server finished without fulfilling all quests

    Game version: __ v1.22.10-(dc19b04) (2017-02-09 10:18) Game world: Feylindral Browser + version: Opera & Google Chrome Flash Player version: just installed newest Operating System: Windows 10 Screen resolution: 1440x900 Account name: Dhurrin Humans or Elves:Humans Reproducibility: 2/3...
  8. Dhurrin

    Elvenar, now what?

    This thread, and probably some more yet to come are more or less my last ditch stand. I joined this game because it was said to be a citybuilder. I already play battlegames somewhere else. I didnt mind a bit of battling here, though it certainly was not my main thing to join this game. I was...
  9. Dhurrin

    Trader More trading features

    Summary Change in the trader. The trader is so far the only non-cultural building that cannot be upgraded and has had no new features, but could be changed into something more dynamic and more versatile. Motivation The present system lacks a lot of usable features. And with the latest...
  10. Dhurrin

    Beta, how is it used?

    Ok, I know Im not going to make a lot of friends with this post, but Im going to put it here anyway. I joined the beta world just a few days ago, mainly because I wanted access to the betaforum and be able to react. Of course, having a bit more insight in whats coming up is nice as well. So I...
  11. Dhurrin

    User Interface Make start of chapter more obvious

    Summary Where the next chapter actually starts is not clear. Description Several players on different servers have remarked on the fact that the advanced scouts SEEM to be in the next chapter if looking at their placement in the tree. And the chest requires x-provinces to advance to the next...
  12. Dhurrin

    Not a Bug Valentine quest does not respond to other quests

    Just started on beta. Valentine quest states collect 1000 coins. Quest not triggered by fulfilling the regular tutorial quests. Those coins are NOT counted to the total. edit: same goes for supplies gained by the tutorial quests. Also not registered for the valentine quest to gain 1000 supplies