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  1. pompeywolf

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Firstly maybe tutorial is only on live worlds, as they presume you know how to play if you come to beta. And if the tutorial does last the entire first chapter maybe they forget to scale quests for chapter 1 cities as its only on beta that such cities can play events.
  2. pompeywolf

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    It was my understanding that you couldn't do events in chapter 1 as you had to finish the tutorial before events appeared.
  3. pompeywolf

    Battle Province Overview -> add difficulty to Incomplete tab:

    Some people will scout quite a few provinces and then leave them uncompleted for weeks so they could be hard to remember. Many different strategies can be had like this. Also, if you complete a advance scout then the provinces already scouted would be harder than the ones you can scout. Its just...
  4. pompeywolf

    Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    I have a question, what effect will this have on spire participation. From what I've read and heard discussed in my fellowships is that the main reason to play is to gain the time instants to boost troops, so you can go further in the tournament and gain more kp. If this tournament change means...
  5. pompeywolf

    Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    As far as i know no one knows the exact formula, and so what factors are affecting the cost the most. @MinMax Gamer seems to have a theory, based on what he worked out for the spire and some peoples findings for this first tournament. But its all up for change as this is only the first test and...
  6. pompeywolf

    Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes (pre-release)

    It will be interesting to see how it looks in real life, but i agree some of it sounds good and some bad. If implemented poorly then it could see the biggest wave of veteran players leaving i think.
  7. pompeywolf

    Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    As far as i can tell you still have to choose to spend your essence/knowledge. There looks to be a 3 chest system but instead of chest they are little monuments as shown in the image someone already posted above
  8. pompeywolf

    Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    I think it depends on what you want, i agree for prizes its not that great. but for a normal city the quest are pretty easy to do so that is good.
  9. pompeywolf


    most likely they mean Wishing Wells
  10. pompeywolf

    Other APP - See "Enchantment time remaining"

    I agree, its always been one of the smaller annoyance in the app.
  11. pompeywolf

    Discussion May Celebrations

    I guess its auto shuffled every new day because the daily prize changes, and this could cause a problem??
  12. pompeywolf

    Discussion May Celebrations

    I just want to point out that i said before that the grand prize is alright for those in its mana reward stage. I think this might be because its the only stage where its reward doesn't normally require pop in producing buildings so easier to compare.
  13. pompeywolf

    Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    what about BTG, at level 30 it reduces the trading fee to 0% so more levels would have to give you a profit from the game for trading with undiscovered towns.
  14. pompeywolf

    Questgivers in the beginning of new game

    I think they start after completing the first chapter
  15. pompeywolf

    Discussion May Celebrations

    i agree, the last 2 times that i have come back there have been no seeds/essence around my city.
  16. pompeywolf

    Discussion May Celebrations

    I don't like that the daily today (2x2) gives less culture than a consolation prize that is also 2x2.
  17. pompeywolf

    Discussion May Celebrations

    The main prize appears okay, (S&D chapter) at stage 10 it gives me 8400 mana every 24hrs, while a burning pool gives 7200 mana every 24hrs. Admittedly its 4x4 rather then the 4x3 of the pool but also has a little more culture (1200 compared to 800) and gives 600 pop, 432k coins, 40k supplies and...