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  1. TomatoeHu

    Silent Release 1.75.5 ? More Visual Tournament fixes?

    where is announcement or release notes for the changes to tournament ( visual only ) ? Will Mobile get the same visual fix as this update on browser platform? (If not) Why do the browser players get great, big, dorky, buttons and the mobile users need a stylus to avoid the info window? There...
  2. TomatoeHu

    Derp Alliance Recruiting

    We are a fun, good looking group:D, recruiting for more players who share a passion for daily activity :eek: and Tournaments :). Offering a wonders program :kp:, help and support, optional fellowship adventures. Size don't matter as long as you are feisty and friendly :) Apply to : Soggyshorts...
  3. TomatoeHu

    Fixed Text Instruction Error Event Quest #66

    Game version: Elvenar v1.51 Game world: __Beta, US Winyandor, US Khelonaar Browser/IOS/Android + version: __Opera 51.0.2830.55 Flash Player version: __up to date Operating System: __Win 10 pro Screen resolution: __1080 Account name: __TomatoeHu Humans or Elves: __Elves Reproducibility: _5_/5...