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  1. Aramina

    Quests A New Kind of Event Quest

    This was simply an idea of some alternate quests to the "make 80 beverages", "complete 70 tournament encounters", "make 15 toolboxes", "upgrade 5 buildings" etc etc ad nauseum that we get with every event. Nothing more. People have been asking for different kinds of quests, and I thought these...
  2. Aramina

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.85

    Dearest Marindor, you know we love you and don't hold you responsible for any of this. That said, I don't understand the reluctance by the Dev Team to give decent rewards for this feature. Coin rains and supply windfalls are NOT good prizes...they are considered the "dud" prize in any event or...
  3. Aramina

    Quests A New Kind of Event Quest

    I have been playing Elvenar since July 2015, and I remember the excitement I felt way-back-when at the arrival of an Event. It was all so new, and a lot of fun! Over time, the fun wore off, and after 4 years of many Events and virtually no change to the quest system, the excitement turned...
  4. Aramina

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.83

    I love Love LOVE the Summer Background!! It's beautiful!! The blue lagoon, the beaches, the giant tortoise...AWESOME! Well done Elven-Artists! :)
  5. Aramina

    City [Spells] Collecting spells in Magic Academy

    I like that idea Sir Squirrel, so I played around with it a little. My skills are nothing compared to yours, but this is at least an idea..
  6. Aramina

    Divine seeds

    AW=Ancient Wonder(s)
  7. Aramina

    More possibilities to negotiate

    I am curious (not being sarcastic) but have you personally written/interviewed those players with those scores to ask what method they use to gain those scores (always/mostly fight, pretty much 50/50 fight/negotiate, or alway/mostly negotiate)? The top contributor in my Beta FS (consistantly...
  8. Aramina

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    Why would you leave the end of the sentence off, the part that pretty much lets you know iDavis was talking about event buildings in general, the ones that might give you 240 culture and 115 pop or someting like that. Those are the buildings that RRS are kind of wasted on, if you can get another...
  9. Aramina

    [Tournaments] Reduce Tournament encounters

    Eeeek! I don't think ANYONE wants it, if they do it like the Spire! BUT... THIS is a first round encounter in Planks Tourney for me (Amuni Chapter) THIS is a Spire Encounter Round 1 (Amuni Chapter) No matter how you look at it, that is NOT 4 combined into 1. That's the whole first 8 provs...
  10. Aramina

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    I just did all the fights until the 3 hour cooldown. I think I will stop there until changes have been implemented and some rebalancing occurs. I lost more troops in these (maybe 9? fights) than I usually lose in a first round of a tourney, and I usually do 13-16 provinces in each round of the...
  11. Aramina

    Duplicate Strange behaviour of the sun collectables for the solstice event

    Same for me. 2 out of 6 SF on the ground can't be collected.
  12. Aramina

    Other How to increase Beta forum participation

    It's not really an "idea" in the creative sense, but it's along the lines of Soggy's idea to I think that players just got burnt out from feeling like no matter what they said, they weren't really even heard, and their words fell on deaf ears (sounds better than "fell on blind eyes", but you...
  13. Aramina

    Other Crafting tweak for Broken Runes

    I would like to see them taken off my crafting menu completely. I go for weeks sometimes before I get something I want to craft, but I see a damn rune shard at least once a day, usually more. And my poor Enar sits there, patiently waiting to offer me what SHE has so lovingly created for me...but...
  14. Aramina

    What has inno done well and what has been a bomb?

    That's exactly how I received mine Edeba. I got my first in Beta, then I got another in Arenyll US (the first Live World I logged into). But then I didn't get one when I logged into Winy and Fely. All same account. I like her. She's a bit ... larger than her friends, but she's very pretty :p...
  15. Aramina

    [Tournaments] Reduce Tournament encounters

    I love the tourneys ... really, they are my favorite art of the game. The only thing I don't like about them is they take too much time. I do have 4 cities and average around 3K weekly in all 4, and that probably wouldn't change much if this system was implemented, because, well, I would love...
  16. Aramina

    Cannot reproduce Wonky

    Also, giving it a title such as "Bleed over of text" or "Pop up box text issues" will help others to search for this if they are experiencing the same issue and don't want to post a duplicate bug report :)
  17. Aramina

    [Tournaments] Reduce Tournament encounters

    As a player who finds Tourneys to be the most worthwhile part of this game, and the best use of my time and resources, I think this idea is a great one. I play in 4 worlds, and average about 3K tourney points per week (3K+ in 2, 2,800 and 2,900 in the other 2) so I admit, this reduction in...
  18. Aramina

    User Interface [UI] Colour in the unused bit of the gold and supplies bar

    I tried to match the KP color. I think it's easier to see the remaining capacity and easier on the eyes, and probably an easy coding change, if the Devs were so inclined.. :oops:
  19. Aramina

    User Interface [UI] Colour in the unused bit of the gold and supplies bar

    Sounds like this old bug come back to life.. :eek::oops::confused: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/15899-error-in-gold-counter.8038/#post-49493