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  1. Skyraider

    Fixed [28130] Spire of eternity: no confirm button after winning fight

    I see the "Back to Spire" button on the bottom. Alignment issue. Will confirm.
  2. Skyraider

    Fixed [27151] Misaligment when storage is full

    Confirmed. Screen shots when MH has reached max capacity, followed by when MH is not at max capacity. MH @ max cap MH not @ max cap
  3. Skyraider

    Fixed [23001] Silk has 2 icons in mobile app

    and? The original issue was fixed.
  4. Skyraider

    Fixed [23001] Silk has 2 icons in mobile app

    That would be a different issue since this bug report referred to the android app.
  5. Skyraider

    Fixed [23001] Silk has 2 icons in mobile app

    If you are still on version 1.60, you have an outdated version of the app. My version is 1.77.4 (zz 1.79). Icons are the same everywhere I see them. Is there is an update available for your device?
  6. Skyraider

    Fixed [26824] HTML5 - Chat disappears when new message arrives

    Confirmed. This happens in Chrome too. I changed city graphics to low to see if that was an issue. No change.
  7. Skyraider

    Fixed [23001] Silk has 2 icons in mobile app

    Icons have been fixed.
  8. Skyraider

    Fixed [23760] Problems whilst visiting certain players for NH

    unable to repeat this now and will consider it fixed.
  9. Skyraider

    Fixed [19414] Clicking on booster on scout can open a city next to it

    Tried clicking both areas in flash and HTML and this appears fixed.
  10. Skyraider

    Fixed [23583] Loading screen gap

    Appears to be fixed now.
  11. Skyraider

    Fixed [26607] Pet Food text overlaps in Phoenixes

    Confirmed fixed.
  12. Skyraider

    Fixed [22405] Home / End select text

    Confirmed fixed. Both home/end and shift-home/shift-end
  13. Skyraider

    Fixed [22333] Popup windows are not aligned

    confirmed fixed
  14. Skyraider

    Not a Bug [26597] Culture missing from the Tooltip of the Stash Outpost offer

    Also, the text says "+1 Candy" when it is in inventory.