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  1. Cannot reproduce Cities with no buildings and other isues

    Elevenar Bata - latest version Windows 10 Google Chrome latest version When visiting cities the buildings are not showing up, sometimes there are icons and if hovering you can tell what a building is, but other times there is nothing at all
  2. Not a Bug Cannot aid - button not there

    Game version: __ (1.6.1 Game world: __Beta Browser + version: __ Google Chrome latest version Flash Player version: __Adbode Operating System: __Windows 10 Screen resolution: __1920 x 1080 Account name: __Pzkpfwv1d Humans or Elves: _Humans In both fellowship and map mode when...
  3. City Size

    I have looked through the various discussions and cannot find anything relating to this I currently have 5 city expansions left to research and have space for a further 5 expansions from gaining map tiles (30 tiles for 5 more expansions), this is a total of 240 encounters. What happens to...
  4. Tech Tree

    I am getting towards the end of the tech tree and just have a single question - What happens when you have reached the end of the tech tree I have looked through the discussion threads and can not find anything with regards to this question
  5. Duplicate Bug - unable to Collect goods production

    I have several plank manufactories in my city 4 of them are saying production complete - click to collect, have clicked several times but can not collect I should be able to collect them and start new production Pzkpfwv1d Windows 7 Google chrome Latest flash Not sure of screen resolution
  6. Other Player Journals section

    A section of the forum where players can post their progress reports and update them as necessary
  7. Help with city

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I play Forge of Empires on the EN server and I am doing quite well there. I thought I would start Elvenar as a change of pace. I have now been playing on the Elvenar zz server for approximately 49 hours At first I used the negotiate feature to acquire relics and gain...
  8. I have arrived here

    Many of you will know me from Forge of Empires, where I have been active for nearly 2 years
  9. Trophy award question

    Ladies and gentlemen, I had a notification that I received a trophy award, does anyone know what this is and how to access it please