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  1. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    Like a return to the pass, before building +x% and rising catering cost at sorcerer, people played 1/3 tournament with high score and min. for the other You speak about second order coefficient, the main cost of AW is the extension on which it build. Edit, i was totally wrong : Chapter...
  2. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    No in the past, you can only have 3 types of ennemies (LR/HM/LM....). The main problem comes with 4/5 types with 150%+ difficulty -> catering is the only option (if not 2 fire phoenix). For new tournament, catering is not an option anymore, it is a requirement ^^
  3. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Is the recipe 2 XX -> XIX remain to the end of event (+more some days ?) ? We can hope the suggestions accepted 24/8 will be implemented : https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/fellowship-adventure-improvement-final-whirlpool-stage.14238/ There is too (but i think it should be too...
  4. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    It is not the case, some barrack unit (paladin/priest/golem) are often better. Your remark is only valid for end player because 3 star troop and training speed is more important. I finally understand. The problem is for top 50/100 players, it is a massive nerf, sure if your target is 1.6/2k, it...
  5. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    I think on beta, player should have information on the 2 next daily reward. Often, we hope ... and then we loose :( Finally, after 150 quests (75x2), some player has finally their brown bear level 5, wha !!
  6. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    A lot of discussion but Inno does not progress : - For me, premium player must not be affected, the coefficient need to 0 (gouv. takes 20%, apple/google/... 30% and Inno add a penalty !!) - The problem with mana (mainly for player at sorcerer) - The problem with orcs. It is general problem for...
  7. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    Exponential, lol, the T2 upgrade, 27 -> 28 reduce the production by 25%/case if you take into account the cost of pop/culture. The armory problem exists already from 2 chapters, you see only the production but you need to taken into account the cost of pop/culture, you need to calculate the...
  8. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    If i remember we do not have LR/HM in daily chest, thus the last 2 days for these spells ? Another advantage to play on live, they know in advance the rewards.
  9. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    @CrazyMan bear, not beer ! But it was fun to read your message ;)
  10. Discussion Release Notes version 1.113

    It should be strange, because with research, each chapter rise the cost of spire/tournament by more than 14% (for troup & ressources), with the chapter 16, the production of T2 was -14% (negate !!). Inno becomes totally crazy, noone has excel ? It seems that the game finish at the barrack/frog...
  11. Discussion Release Notes version 1.113

    Ok, c'est corrigé, thank you, barrack is working now !
  12. Discussion Release Notes version 1.113

    Can Inno fix the bug from tuesday ? 3 days without the production of the barrack is long ^^
  13. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    Yes the change of the weight of premium is totally ridiculous, we hope they remove the weight (thus this will reduce the cost for premium players) and finally for most player, it does not change anything ^^ (i think they increase the problem of the exponential component !).
  14. Discussion Release Notes version 1.113

    The main problem of dogs (and all light melee units) are useless at 200% difficulties, and at easier level, often boosted LR is better than light melee, i think we can use training ground to produce dryad and some little banshee (at chapter < XIV, player can produce OA).
  15. Discussion Release Notes version 1.113

    Yes we have now a supplies issue ^^ but we can build more workshops ^^ The problem with orc strategist is not resolved, it is pending from a long time (not enough orc to launch this production and i think 6 armories + multiple event buildings is already too much !). Before Moon << Brown, now...
  16. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    You are too limited. You can win combining catalyst in spire too, you can use reduction time in academy. You can win enchanted item in academy (craft or production (you can use time reduction)), spire, neightbour (treasure chest), event's reward, tournament. For me me these quests are easy if...
  17. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    I think there is a FA, without it, it is impossible to up the building to 10 (the 2020 version), even if you choose the best chest strategy for grand prize, you can only up to 9 (2020 version) (with average random).
  18. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Thus no fellowship adventure to win artefacts ? Another question : why punish new player that can not have a brown bear with a good level with this event ?
  19. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Sure there is a phrase problem but why hardening the quest, > 4 spire encounters (only) is somewhat boring and in the past, it was an "and/or" (in Sorceres' PILGRIMAGE event).
  20. Fixed Event - Incoherence quest encounters counter

    Game version: NA HTML5 Yes/No: Yes Game world: Beta 1 Browser/IOS/Android + version: NA Flash Player version: Operating System or Mobile Device: NA Screen resolution: NA Account name: cestbienmoi Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: ?/5 Quest title: Greetings My Lord! Current situation...