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  1. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    but 3 times in a row the same quest gain 4 vision vapor, it's big no matter what
  2. Contact(ed) support The new event Autumn Zodiac...

    I launched the production of masks (9h) 3 times out of 4 factories level 9 and 2 level 8 what did you have to answer? ;)
  3. Contact(ed) support The new event Autumn Zodiac...

    Hello, Produce Warrior Masks (9 hour Steel productions) from current or previous chapter... have already started the production of masks (9h) 2 times on level 9 factories and nothing has been taken into account. Cordially
  4. Event Autumn Zodiac

    Ok, thanks
  5. Event Autumn Zodiac

    The new event Autumn Zodiac. I can't solve this question " Produce warrior masks 3 times with a manufactory from your previous or current version". Chapter 5, 4 Steel manufactory level 9 + 2 level 8 I am blocked... Who can give me a support, please.
  6. Fixed [28376] No medals can be acquired by players who participated in the challenge last week

    harvest is not counted, i have collect some goods and still 0
  7. New Fellowship Adventures...

    very good your totally new quest system for the Fellowship Adventures! i like much :)