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  1. pompeywolf

    Will previous set buildings or pop/cult buildings ever return?

    While it would be nice to have, the fact that they have reduced the chance of getting daily prizes and have given a lot poorer dailies suggests this is unlikely to happen.
  2. pompeywolf

    Discussion Winter Magic

    One thing no one mentioned is what if you got the spend 50 ribbons when you have only 10 (having spent the rest on previous prizes). You would have to wait until you collected 40 ribbons from around your city. i dont know what the average time that would be but it would annoy me.
  3. pompeywolf

    Cyber monday's expansions reduction

    I'm happy that they have given beta the reduction :) Only problem is i spent my diamonds on expansions when i could, based on the knowledge that we wouldn't get any reductions on beta. so now i cant benefit from the reduction. :( But if they give us reductions i might start saving my diamonds...
  4. pompeywolf

    Other [Mobile] Time until neighborly help can be given

    I agree, it annoys me when i'm away from PC to not be able to tell how long is left. Could i start visiting 2 minutes after i log off and so miss the chance to visit.
  5. pompeywolf

    Discussion Winter Magic

    yes but in previous events its always been a ratio of 1 to 5 so 2 encounters or 10 / 5 or 25. This seems like its now 1 to 4 so 2 encounters or 8 tournament
  6. pompeywolf

    Discussion Winter Magic

    1 thing i noticed was that its now 1 province encounter for 4 tournament encounters rather than 5 (unless that changes in later quests)
  7. pompeywolf

    Discussion Forum update

    I don't know if others would want this but i would like it if when you open the whats new page, you could press a button so that the bug reports could be hidden. As sometimes when i come on they whole page is just bug reports and i cant see if there is anything new in the other parts. If not i...
  8. pompeywolf

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    The point of doing all 3 paths for each of the 3 stages is to get as many points so you can try for the top spots. If you are not going to try and get in the top 20 then there is no reason to do more than 1 path per stage
  9. pompeywolf

    New Game Features Lock in Fellowship Advetnures waypoint

    while i like the general principle i can see things that would annoy me with it. 1 sometimes when i come on all the badges ive produced have been placed and so i cant place any, this can reoccur several times through the day, with your system i would then not be able to place on a another point...
  10. pompeywolf

    [Battle] New Set-Buildings ?

    one thing i should say is that while the sets may favour the negotiators the pets have favoured the fighters
  11. pompeywolf

    Events Weekly Wonder Event

    I was saying that people who have push accounts are unlikely to delete them due to your idea, they will just take anything they get out of it as extra and continue pushing.
  12. pompeywolf

    Events Weekly Wonder Event

    I dont think people will think like that, they will just see it as extra if they are on the list. But you will not always be on the list, which will get some people unhappy if they are putting so much in but are not getting anything back.
  13. pompeywolf

    Events Weekly Wonder Event

    1. 1000 kp in 5 days ??????????? How? say you get 100 kp on second round of tournie and then 150 on 5th round and 12 on the 3rd and 4th thats 274 plus daily kp 24 x 5 = 120 120+274 = 394 fill 10 chests = 135 135+394 = 529 say get 20 a day through other means (carting library, set...
  14. pompeywolf

    [AW] Additional kp buttons for wonders

    true, for me it would help when i go big in tournaments and i earn over 100 kp at once
  15. pompeywolf

    Discussion Dr. Freakenspleen

    I presume the rush to get people to the end is to increase the amount of people producing and trading the sentient goods.
  16. pompeywolf

    Other Eventual reset of cost to buy KPs

    I would support that, (more :kp: for me :D)
  17. pompeywolf

    [AW] Additional kp buttons for wonders

    i was thinking yesterday that i would like to be able to type in how much i want to give, like in the trader. so i can be accurate in giving the larger amounts
  18. pompeywolf

    Other Eventual reset of cost to buy KPs

    but then you are being rewarded for not doing something, which i doubt inno is going to do.
  19. pompeywolf

    Other Eventual reset of cost to buy KPs

    While i would love that, i do want to point out 1 thing. some people like me spend all out excess coins on buying kp all the time and if this was reset i could upgrade wonders much quicker at first with all the kp i could suddenly buy. For example on my main live account i'm buying kp at 2.1...
  20. pompeywolf

    City change enar's ambassy to make it usefull

    well i think the mana needs to be related to something else, as we scout so little these days. (and you can get bigger amounts from smaller buildings) and the 1 broken shard per week is terrible, i can have 1 a day with the Ferris wheel (and you can get 1 or 2 every major event) If we want to...