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  1. Hoshi

    [Discussion] InnoGames TV - December Episode

    Dear Humans and Elves, Check out the December episode of InnoGames TV and give us your feedback! We’d love to hear from you! Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team
  2. Hoshi

    InnoGames TV - December Episode

    Dear Humans and Elves, In the December episode of InnoGames TV, Timon and Oliver start the show off with a very special sneak peek. They’ll share what you can expect from the game next year. Afterwards, game designer Peer introduces the upcoming Winter Event. But that’s not all, in addition...
  3. Hoshi

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 0.30

    Dear Humans and Elves, Please use this thread to discuss game version 0.30. We're looking forward to your feedback! Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team
  4. Hoshi

    Release Notes version 0.30

    Dear Humans and Elves, In today's update we bring you new Cultural Buildings for your town, a way to change your e-mail and password ingame, a bunch of balancing changes and a number of bug fixes! For more details, please take a look at the detailed release notes below! A number of new...
  5. Hoshi

    New Game Features NPC villages in place of inactive players

    This idea is in connection with several topics, and is about inactive villages. As many of you know, a solution is being worked on, but we don't know what will happen. I'd like to grab the opportunity and write about my idea. This is only an idea and I know that if a solution is almost done...
  6. Hoshi

    Feedback on "New Ideas Database"

    Please post your feedback about the database. Tell me your ideas, how can I improve the topic. You can find the topic by clicking here.
  7. Hoshi

    Duplicate Being able to see not researched buildings' requirements

    If I want to plan ahead, I have to keep in mind that the buildings change in size. If I want to know how big area is needed for the next level of a Residential building, I have to guess or go to the wiki. It is not the best solution. How it is now: http://prntscr.com/671fje How I imagined it...
  8. Hoshi

    Duplicate Can't use my last diamond

    World: ZZ1 Account: Hoshi Description: I wanted to research Ancient runes in the research tree, but i was short on Crystals with 6 pieces. It gave me the option to buy it with one diamond, so I wanted to use it, because it was bugging me that I had that lonely diamond on my account. When I...
  9. Hoshi

    Fixed 'Using Strengths: Marble' quest description

    In this quest I found two little mistakes. Picture: http://prntscr.com/65mbox The descriptions second sentence is 'So should look into it!' I think the better wording would be: 'So you should look into it!' or 'You should look into it!' The second mistake: In the tasks: 'Upgrade 2 marble...
  10. Hoshi

    Implemented [City] Unclear Culture Bonus level

    Hi! So I was looking on my Culture levels and it is a bit unclear to me. This is how I think it works now (I'm not sure about it...) http://prntscr.com/63bki9 So I have 219 Culture on my own from my buildings. For my (+140%) level I need to have 890 points. Everyone can see, that my 219 points...
  11. Hoshi

    Won't fix [4236] Buildings on wrong "layer"

    World: ZZ1 Account: Hoshi Description: I was visiting a player's city and I found this interesting bug. The builders seem to be able to break the law of physics and build buildings on other buildings. Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/5xuvtp It's the first time I encountered this and while I...
  12. Hoshi

    Implemented Mouseover tooltip on quests

    Hi! It would be nice if we hover the cursor over the questgivers, a tooltip box would appear saying the requirements of that quest and our progress on that. This way we don't have to click and open them every time when we want to check our progress. (This is actually an idea of a friend of...
  13. Hoshi

    Implemented [New Feature] Artifacts

    Hi! My idea is about artifacts. Similarly to Forge of Empires' Great buildings, you could find artifact pieces in provinces. These Artifact pieces could be put together to give you an artifact. These artifacts then will be placeable in your city. Some artifacts could just give a boost to the...
  14. Hoshi

    Fixed [4698] Unit order in battle mixed up

    World: ZZ1 Account: Hoshi Description: I was fighting in an encounter and when only one enemy unit was left I saw something strange: http://prntscr.com/5whjhy It was my turn, but on the row on the bottom the enemy was highlighted. Also, it said that I was on round 4 and the next round is round...
  15. Hoshi

    Not a Bug Units don't always strike back

    World: ZZ1 Account: Hoshi Current: When a ranged unit (Archer) attacks a melee unit with strikeback, they dont attack back, if they are next to each other. So I had a Sword dancer and an Archer next to the same Knight. The Sword dancer attacked the Knight, the Knight immediately attacked back...
  16. Hoshi

    Cannot reproduce Battle froze out, nothing happened, only refreshing helped

    World: ZZ1 Account: Hoshi Current: This Archer should attack the Knight. http://prntscr.com/5wcri2 I gave the command, nothing happened, no animation, no next turn, nothing. Then I clicked on the "Finish battle automatically" no animations, just the battle results button appeared. I clicked it...
  17. Hoshi

    Cannot reproduce Floating bubbles sometimes write red numbers for a moment

    World: ZZ1 Account: Hoshi Current: When collecting supplies and coins with click and drag method, sometimes for the first frame, the floating numbers appear in red, then quickly change to green. It appears to be only a graphical glitch, it doesn't change the amount of collected resources...
  18. Hoshi

    Cannot reproduce Coin icon over Main Hall only appears after opening notification window

    World: ZZ1 Account: Hoshi Current: When you get a donation to your Main Hall, you get a notification. I didn't see the hovering coin icon or the other icon anywhere. Made this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/5w6e3m I opened the notifications, I got donation to the Main Hall. Closed the window...
  19. Hoshi

    Fixed [4701] Units don't always finish their turn on their own

    World: ZZ1 Account: Hoshi Current: In battle when a unit has no movement left and they can not attack any enemy unit, they don't always finish their turn. Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/5w5p5l The only enemy unit is out of the Archer's range, he can not attack. He doesn't have any movement...
  20. Hoshi

    Manufactory leveling is not very efficient

    I post it in feedback, because I think it is not a bug, just a bit odd concept. So I have 4 lvl. 3 and 1 lvl. 4 Marble Manufactory in my city. I just wanted to calculate, how many coins and supplies is one piece of marble is worth. My thought was that with higher level manufactory, the marble...