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  1. Yogi Dave

    Not a Bug Wrong production bonus at Timewarp afterupgrade to level 11

    For level 11 Timewarp, according to the Wiki, the boost is 172%. With your 560 base, this would be 404, as shown in your attachment tw.JPG. The amount you are getting is correct. The bug as showing the level 17 boost of 200% instead of level 11 boost of 172%.
  2. Yogi Dave

    Fixed [29101]Forest Warden doing more damage than intended

    Thanks Karvest. I can be a bit thick at times. I now know the correct way to think about a UUU.
  3. Yogi Dave

    Fixed [29101]Forest Warden doing more damage than intended

    I agree that their unit's attack boost would be against all of our units. I think we are also agreeing that their unit receives any applicable defense boost, so it would have a 25% increase in defense if you had a UUU in play as an example.
  4. Yogi Dave

    Fixed [29101]Forest Warden doing more damage than intended

    If you have a defense boost, you receive reduced (less) damage and if they have one, they receive less damage. That was the meaning I was trying to convey.
  5. Yogi Dave

    Fixed [29101]Forest Warden doing more damage than intended

    While thinking about this, it seemed like a good idea to see which units they bring to the tournaments are affected and was surprised by what I found. This assumes units only they can produce are not affected. It turns out, they never bring a unit we produce in the barracks and in each...
  6. Yogi Dave

    Fixed [29101]Forest Warden doing more damage than intended

    I'm trying to wrap my head around this bug and want to know if I have it correct, wrong, or there is more to it. 1) The bug exist regardless of being tournament, normal province or spire battles. I haven't read anyone confirm this. It just doesn't seem like the battle engine would only manifest...
  7. Yogi Dave

    Discussion Chapter 15: The Elvenar

    ...or maybe a hug. :)
  8. Yogi Dave

    Important Event Preparation

    If the code needs to be fixed, then that must happen. Regardless, the tables need to reflect what the code does. If the code is changed, the tables should be changed before it hits live. Every explanation I've seen leaves too much to interpretation. With people from many cultures and languages...
  9. Yogi Dave

    Important Event Preparation

    While the concept may actually be simple, the explanations have brought a lot of confusion. Examples of one case or another does not seem to be helping. At this point a word explanation will not suffice. It is too easy to get twisted around and be ambiguous. What is required is a set of tables...
  10. Yogi Dave

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Given that you could get multiple mermaids fully evolved, yes it is a demotivator. Very cute indeed. I'm tempted to place a 2nd one and not evolve it very far just to watch it frolic in my city. That would have to be my live city where I am chapter locked and have the space.
  11. Yogi Dave

    Events Make the "random" quest event system fair

    I would amend my rules above to include that the most difficult quests can only occur a limited number of times per player.
  12. Yogi Dave

    Important Event Preparation

    Human building were larger and produced more in the earlier chapters, hence the increased build times then. Once they became the same size and produce the same amount, the time became equal per upgrade. When you were actually building them for use at those levels, that made sense. However, just...
  13. Yogi Dave

    Events Make the "random" quest event system fair

    Idea for random quest balancing: 1) Tie the odds of getting a quest to it's difficulty. This may already be the case, I don't know. The difficulty of a quest is subjective and there will be debate of which is more difficult since it depends on where you are in the tech tree and your playing...
  14. Yogi Dave

    Important Event Preparation

    Wow. Just wow and thanks.
  15. Yogi Dave

    User Interface Replace delete confirmation window with "lock" checkbox inside the building.

    Who hasn't deleted something as your brain screams "NOOOO!" inside but too late? So, your idea is most building wouldn't require confirmation like roads don't require one. Hmmm, I don't know that I like that part, partially because it's a radical change from the user's point of view. However...
  16. Yogi Dave

    Fixed [28376] No medals can be acquired by players who participated in the challenge last week

    I also saw the start of the challenge a few days ago and think I got the 1st reward. Was busy and had more of a 'huh?' reaction to it since the event was on going and there wasn't a banner. Nothing involving the challenge after that until today when the dialog announcing it again was there and...
  17. Yogi Dave

    Discussion Summer Mermaids Event

    If you have a small event building, such as the rainbow unicorn, at level 13, upgrading it to level 14 has worked for me in live. It's also worked for me with the VV, Vallorian Valor.