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  1. McLowther

    Elvenar Classic

    We seen it in other games (and other games from Innogames): Sometimes an older version of the game is relaunched for players preferring the original version of the game to a later, recent version. I came here to play a fantasy city building game. I discovered the game, I liked its unique...
  2. McLowther

    Duplicate Barracks not accessible

    This bug may be related to this: Magic Academy not accessible Tinto mentioned in that thread, that he was experiencing the same problem with his barracks. I can't access my barracks and if I click on it I get one "bubble" indicating one unit being build. I can do this indefinitely. Game...
  3. McLowther

    Not a Bug Quest: Honour the Treants

    Game version: v1.6.3-(0b605ce) (2016-05-18 9:18) Game world: zz1.elvenar.com Browser + version: chromium 48.0.2564.97-1 Flash Player version: chromium-pepper-flash-1: Operating System: ArchLinux Screen resolution: 1600x900 Account name: McLowther Humans or Elves: Elves...
  4. McLowther

    Improved army selection screen

    With version 1.4 we received the new "improved" army selection screen. Personally I found the old army selection easier to read. Comparing two forces displayed next to each other, is easier and more natural than forces displayed one on top of the other. I think it is usual and what people (at...