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  1. Esme

    FAnatics are growing daily

    We have been recruiting and are now 10 strong, please consider joining our friendly and enthusiastic group. Together we can do this. We have need of steel, silk and gems. Looking for players that visit several times a week. We are working on growing a strong group to share fun and prizes in...
  2. Esme

    Still seeking members

    FAnatics an eager friendly fellowship is seeking active members, boosted in the following: Steel Scrolls Silk Gems Our requirements. We need you to be boosted in at least one of the above goods. Play minimum of 4 days per week, participate in any FA's and help out in Tournaments. We are a...
  3. Esme

    Looking for active group

    Greetings, I have been working on my city here for about 2 months. My goals, find a fellowship that actually are daily players, I have 3 cities in the US server under the name "Esmerelda the Wise", so you can see my history of playing. Anyway, I love tournaments, and FA's, so wanting to be...
  4. Esme

    Which Chapter is required to do the Spire?

    Im slowly growing, and made it to the second chapter. At what stage do you get the opportunity to play in the Spire?
  5. Esme

    Cant seem to get to the Beta Realm on my Ipad.

    Hi, I play on my Ipad and my computer. I can access my regular realms on my Ipad, but cant seem to get to the beta realm on it. I have one user name for my regular play, and another for the beta realm. When I try to sign in using my username for the beta, it will not recognize it. Does...