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  1. Do You Think Heroes Forge and Shrewdy Shrooms Should Replace Armories?

    Soleil, please keep me in mind for your "Save the Orcs" campaign. All creatures need to be treated with respect.
  2. All my scoutable provinces are "Hard"

    Thank you all. I have heard pieces of this before, but never quite understood it as a whole (except for advanced scouting, which I do get). With each of you presenting it from various perspectives, I think I understand. In my live city I did complete every tech - thinking that was what you were...
  3. Not a Bug Goods not counting for winter magic

    Just tried it. I clicked on 7 trees, but the counter only changed twice. Also my goal became 3K. It is finished, though I still haven't figured out how it work Thank you again!
  4. Not a Bug Goods not counting for winter magic

    Thank you. I see what happens.
  5. Not a Bug Goods not counting for winter magic

    The quest says: "Produce a good amount of any type of regular goods." I take this to mean it will count all of my Goods production, but nothing that comes from special buildings. If this was limited. It should read: "Produce a good amount of one type of any regular goods.
  6. Not a Bug Goods not counting for winter magic

    Are you saying it will only count planks, or count scrolls, or count dust? Just one type of goods?
  7. Not a Bug Goods not counting for winter magic

    Game version: v1.94-beta.3-(cc1d8c8) (2019-11-22 13:59) HTML5 Yes/No: Don't know what this is so I guess No Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome + Version 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit) Flash Player version: ??? Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows Screen...
  8. Incomplete City went dark

    My city just went black except for some " travel" icons. I go to the Spire wherever I click on what's black, when I come back its black. The icons for research, the world and the other edge icons are present. When you click on one of these, like for the Gingerbread house or the World you go...
  9. All my scoutable provinces are "Hard"

    This has not happened to me before on my live city. Currently in my city here all my scoutable provinces are labeled as hard. How do I get them to be medium or easy would be even better? Some things to know: I am about 3/4 the way through Stage 4. Just finishing the last of the tier 1...
  10. Second stage Fellowship map

    Sorry Everyone, I wasn't able to make the screen shot.
  11. Second stage Fellowship map

    I'm on my phone. I'll try in the true morning.
  12. Second stage Fellowship map

    In the current Fellowship Adventure, November - On the green route, is the fifth waypoint which is a crossroad supposed to lead to blue with stepping stones? I thought it looked like the routes were connected by stepping stones, but when we completed it, only the next green opened.
  13. Discussion Dr. Freakenspleen

    I also think the events are too close together, especially for the smaller cities. I have to work on my mindset that I don't need to actively participate in each event. I appreciate hearing from those of you who have decided to do just that.
  14. New Game Features Guest Race - The Luminescent

    I'm not really qualified to comment since I've had little time experience with guest races, only starting faries in my regular city, but this does sound interesting and would require looking at one's city differently, thus making it more challenging. I wonder, can any of these other races bring...
  15. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Back to endless repetition again! This time it's supplies. 4 times in a row! I am NOT enjoying this and I dread seeing it in my Dwarf chapter city on Monday.
  16. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Finally some variety! 3 in a row and no vision vapor.
  17. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Deal! I'm only in Chapter 3. Have got plenty of provinces and just an hour or so scout times. Resources for spell fragments are small unless I want to disenchant my good stuff!! Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately we can only trade goods, not barter other resources.
  18. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    I've had a similar problem. In the last 6 quests I've had 3 get 4 vision vapor.
  19. Cannot reproduce Brewery Badge Moves to Bottom of list then returns

    Thank you. I'm not surprised you couldn't reproduce it. Since it only happened once during the entire event. Since I just recently started in Beta I wasn't sure what all to report.
  20. Cannot reproduce Brewery Badge Moves to Bottom of list then returns

    Sorry, This occurred last week. I didn't have access to a PC so I could use the format you wanted. Happened only once. Didn't know if anyone else experienced this quirk.