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  1. Konys

    Not a Bug incorrect tourney points counting/some other bug

    Indeed this is not a bug :)
  2. Konys

    Confirmed [33094] See news from other server

    Confirmed on Android too
  3. Konys

    Cannot reproduce May event questgiver after completing full questline

    We've tried yesterday with Firefox and Chrome, flash player and HTML5 but we weren't able to reproduce it.
  4. Konys

    Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    I wouldn't say nearly impossible, but maybe difficult; some players have polar bear and/or Time Warp helping with cooldown, but those who - for any reasons- haven't them, can always use time reducer instants (and they are not that hard to get).
  5. Konys

    Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    Just to clarify this point too: we know that 6 provinces - 6 rounds is enough for getting all 10 chests (it's always been like this, if every member in a full Fellowship take part to tournament); we ensured to make these first provinces easier, so more Fellowships should be able to motivate...
  6. Konys

    Fixed [32904] World map - shows incorect reward when completing province

    Hi @Dony, I'm not sure about what you mean: are you saying that kp from World Map are not granted, or that they aren't supposed to be winned?
  7. Konys

    Incomplete Polar bear feeding not effecting time in new tournament

    Hi @kelrik the black, could you please use this template to report your issue?
  8. Konys

    Fixed [32867] Tournament bubble offset

  9. Konys

    Fixed [32737] MA - conversion recipes are back?

    Confirmed; missing Artifacts can't be buyed and conversion artifact recipe can't be activated.