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  1. sambria

    Possible game votes

    Cast a vote to see which games should be posted in a thread in the Lounge for players to enjoy when they are bored. Take a vote!
  2. sambria

    Either... or game

    Ohh, tough one for sure ahha. I'd proudly say both, but it also does depend on what flavour each are but i think ill go with cake lol. Sweet or savoury?
  3. sambria

    Answered Little Fin questions ???

    love this @Karvest !! where do you get all these websites from? I love the little tips and tricks. But I have a question about buildings in general. Why do all the evolving buildings have to coincide with the chapter you are in? Do they automatically know what chapter you are in or is it the...
  4. sambria

    Random prizes from expiring buildings now visible!

    whoo hoo. i did see this last time i went onto beta and I was like, 'wow, this is so good." ahha, I like how we can now see what to expect from the random buildings. Its a great chance of surprise. :)
  5. sambria

    New but not new ahha

    thanks guys
  6. sambria

    New but not new ahha

    Hey guys I'm not new to the game I have an account on the normal forum, but just decided to get a beta one to cause why not. Great to be here and happy gaming.