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  1. Lushette

    Fixed [42518] Cant produce goods

    Oh good its not just me. Workshops are fine but its all the manufactories that cant be set.
  2. Lushette

    Answered Need to report a player in the us server

    As it happened within the fellowship chat its the responsibility of the AM to deal with it. Unfortunately they may allow this sort of talk so there is only one option and that is to leave that group and find a different one. Dont leave the game just because of that, just find a new group which...
  3. Lushette

    Neighborly Help Translations

    If I understand it, I give it. If I dont, I default to the BH/C/MH scenario. If someone wants to give what is asked for and its in a language they dont understand then they can find out what is asked for by using google translate. However, if its in the short form as I typed above, then you are...
  4. Lushette

    ♦ Lunatics Lair ♦ - new FS

    Giving this a bump up!
  5. Lushette

    Discussion Goodbye from Marindor

    Absolutely gutted that the mainstay of Beta is leaving. Your patience and dedication to providing assistance and information to the community is exemplary. Your shoes are massive ones and it will be impossible to fill them. Thank you for all the many hours you have dedicated to this community...
  6. Lushette

    Discussion Mischievous Therapy

    I realize that its difficult to come up with new quests in these events. However, with each event its basically the same quests which are really becoming problematic. The constant quests to buy knowledge points is one, then we have the constant asking us to clear provinces, gain relics ( when...
  7. Lushette

    Discussion Mischievous Therapy

    Oh man the dreaded fog has returned :(
  8. Lushette

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    I actually enjoyed this event! It was fun to get a change from the never ending spinning chests/balls/etc or the mist. Sure it may have been more difficult for people to get what they wanted but the prizes are never much to write home about in these events anyway so for the sheer enjoyment of...
  9. Lushette

    Discussion Challenges

    Surely the prizes could have been made a little more interesting! Spell fragments? 1 pet food, 2 CCs and that tired old willy wonka building from years ago!
  10. Lushette

    ♦ Lunatics Lair ♦ - new FS

    We are still on the lookout for active players to join us!
  11. Lushette

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    I have no clue what you are all talking about and thats fine because Math was never my strong point. I just want to say, though, that I am really enjoying this new event format. Its a fun change to the usual that we get. Im sure Im not playing it in the most efficient way but its still fun! :)
  12. Lushette

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    For goodness sakes, this thread is 153 pages long and started back in 2018! Surely we can start a new one as this is ridiculously long. Same goes for the thread in announcements.
  13. Lushette

    Units remaining after fight counter- An unwelcome change

    Can we have a new rule that the people in charge are NOT allowed to drink on the job anymore!!
  14. Lushette

    Answered mature language filter.

    We seem to now live in a world of perpetually offended people! If someone is offended by colourful language then that particular FS is not for them. To censor everyone because of a bunch of snowflakes who are outraged when someone says the F word Is ridiculous. We now live in a Nanny State where...
  15. Lushette

    Fixed [39231] UI items are switched

    With all the things we wanted changed or added to the game, they spent time messing about with the placement of these? lol
  16. Lushette

    ♦ Lunatics Lair ♦ - new FS

    Come and join us, we are determined to be the best FS in all the land! You really dont want to miss out on this opportunity. The next five people to sign up will get a one month all expenses paid holiday to Winyandor!!