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  1. Discussion A Gateway into the Past 2023

    FA should runs without any event....
  2. Discussion Theater Zodiac

    27 KP in a single quest is really too much, players' suggestions are not being listened to and in fact quests have been added asking to buy KP, I don't know what to think.
  3. Discussion Realm of the Phoenix

    sorry I was wrong, it the quest 41, so any news? will they change it?
  4. Discussion Realm of the Phoenix

    In my case it is the quest 40. Any news?
  5. Game performance?

    could be a memory leak. playing from the app works quite well at first, but after a while the response times get longer until the app is completely frozen and it is necessary to exit and start again. Today I couldn't visit a neighbor's city because the app claimed I didn't have enough...
  6. Fixed [43483] Tournament chests

    600 bug here
  7. Discussion Season of Dreams

    it would be helpful and clearer if there was a padlock on locked chests, thanks
  8. Discussion The Cauldron

    This is my thought: too complicated, too uncertain. My advice is: simplify. It's hard to figure out how to mix ingredients to get what you want It's hard to get what you want, when you want it The investment is too high for small players, you should put the research starting from chapter 15...
  9. Poll Brainstorming Collection #1 - Events

    Event lasting 3 days where the companies compete and whoever gets the most currency of the event wins. The currency is obtained with challenges between players of the same group of chapters (example players in chapters 1, 2, 3 are in the same group, while players in chapters 4,5,6 are another...
  10. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    you should wait for the bug to be fixed, then you can use coin rain instants. however you are right, the amount of coins required for all maps is 397 with an increase of about 10% compared to the previous adventure
  11. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    yes, I had read the announcement, but I didn't expect such a significant increase, in this way the changes made almost cancel each other
  12. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    335 is the total amount of dwarven brewery badges for the 3 maps, it has increased by 80% compared to the previous FA
  13. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    In this setup compared to the previous one, the request for badges has increased for all types except for blacksmiths. I'm talking about the sum of the badges of all path of the three maps. In particular, the required dwarven brewery are almost double while the demand for sack of coins has...
  14. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    Yes, you are right, now Susy.78 is as normal as the other neighbors and I can visit her and help without any problems, sorry.
  15. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    On it1.elvenar.com I can see this. I don't know if it is the same problem reported here, but I hope this could help to get more information. It could be related to the procedure that remove inactive player.
  16. Fixed [40478] Player missing on Neighbors list

    Here is the error that occurs from pc.
  17. Discussion Release Notes version 1.147

    it would be nice if it was possible to select only the players to whom I can return the help (golden hand or grey hand)
  18. Discussion The Forbidden Ruins

    please add an alternative to the last quest (solve encounters) and in general add an alternative to each quests that asks to buy PC. thanks
  19. Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    today it is still like this, please add an alternative, thanks
  20. Fixed [38178] Can't hand in last quest

    same here