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  1. Atlantisbeta

    FA 2601-2023 The gateway to jobs and competition

    I would like a new building as a gateway to a new playing field Desired playing field size: 50x4 =50 workshops +50 x 2 = 50 BG1 level 1 manus. A total of 300 playing fields divided into 6 blocks of 25 playing fields each. The playing field serves only these purposes: FA, event quests, seasonal...
  2. Atlantisbeta

    World Map 2601-2023 world map -NBH - extra button for the gold nests

    I want an extension of the branching tree world map - province overview - neighbors with new menu items: 1. New menu item: Listing of the sum of all "gold diggers" on the world map discovered by the player. 2nd new menu item: call up the "gold diggers". If the end of the game activates this...
  3. Atlantisbeta

    Poll Brainstorming Collection #1 - Events

    my new event idea: We all have the same problem: not enough playing space to set up all the event buildings. Why don't we do an event that serves to upgrade an existing building? Example: We have several buildings dedicated to birds. Why doesn't a bird nest in the attic of an existing...