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  1. Ads in the game?

    Ads now live on Felyndral, at least for some Folks.
  2. Ads in the game?

    Got into the videos through the App. Couldn't help laughing out loud when an Ad popped up saying "If you want to play without Ads delete your fake game!" :)
  3. Ads in the game?

    Mine aren't either and Support are ominously quiet.
  4. Ads in the game?

    Okay, further back on this thread it suggested you needed to pay 1KP to watch the videos. Of course, I may have mis-read that.
  5. Ads in the game?

    Not a coincidence in my opinion, I had to do the same.
  6. Ads in the game?

    I've turned off my AdBlockers but still can't watch the videos.
  7. Ads in the game?

    Why should we have to pay to watch these?
  8. Graphics Issues - having a laugh

    Logged in this morning to be presented with this: Someone is having a laugh! Maybe someone hasn't renewed the licence on their Graphics program?
  9. Fixed [43436] Incorrect icons in city and on World Map

    Seems to be fixed now, including World Map.
  10. Discussion Season of Dreams

    So Purple chests are Season Pass only, the others are regular chests. Shame this isn't made clear somehow.
  11. Fixed [43436] Incorrect icons in city and on World Map

    I didn't think Chapter 21 was out yet :)
  12. Fixed [43436] Incorrect icons in city and on World Map

    So, top left - I have no idea what this icon is; top right - Ancient Wonder Help replaced by Copper Ingots; bottom left - Gems Manufactories rpoducing troops; bottom right - a mix of different city bloopers on the world map.
  13. Fixed [43436] Incorrect icons in city and on World Map

    At least you've got cities, even if they are a drab sandy colour, I've got masses of holes! I'm wondering if this was triggered by the changes to the city images on the main map?
  14. Discussion Season of Dreams

    I have defininately noticed a tail-off in the activity levels of other players, both here in Beta and on the Live Servers since Seasons started. We no longer seem to get as much Spire or Tourney done, and sometimes struggle with trades being taken too. Not good for Fellowship unity or the game...
  15. Discussion Season of Dreams

    Now all I need is 'Produce Advanced Tools' and I'd have no life left for the rest of the week. :mad:
  16. Answered Login issues

    I guess we'll never find out why this happened.
  17. Discussion Season of Dreams

    Part of the Announcement reads "The quests of the Seasons can be completed as part of your daily routine of playing the game, over the passing of several events!" My daily routine does NOT include 15-min workshop productions, even if a FA is running. Nor is spending Pet Food, or solving Spire...
  18. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Seems like some of the Devs haven't gone for an early Xmas and have finally got off their backsides and fixed the costs for Coin Sacks. They're now 2/3rds of what they were at the start of the FA. Still far too late for it to be much good though, but its a start.
  19. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Something they haven't fixed though is the hike in the cost of Coin Sacks (instead of it going down as promised), and this after they pulled the declinable quests which helped enormously with that particular badge collection.
  20. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    The fix announcement included the line "We tried to find a way to grant the missed badges to everyone, but that data is not recoverable, unfortunately." So, they have a problem with data retention too. Great (heavy on the sarcasm). How about a blanket compensation then?