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  1. Darma

    Fixed wrong collect in FA

    please please fix this
  2. Darma

    Discussion The Cauldron

    Explain for me, ive done lvl 40 and 42 for troops, but it only active IF I do the potion and get lucky it activates?
  3. Darma

    Discussion Mischievous Therapy

    whishing well is back I se...but 25 diamonds only?
  4. Darma

    Fixed [41816] Chat down

    also here..on PC but members on Ipad say it works fine...
  5. Darma

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Luxurious Flacon is back on the list BUT we dont make any more. The list next to my portait. On PC
  6. Darma

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    I have NO clue what so ever how to play this one...but look forward to something new
  7. Darma

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Do we know what is next after Little finn?
  8. Darma

    Purple ribbon buildings

    I will keep my tree's then :-D
  9. Darma

    Purple ribbon buildings

    So help me out here was under the impression that a purple ribbon building was the best? Today prize is 3x3 culture at 1720 But I already have frozen Father tree at 3x3 culture 1970 not purple ribbon but orange... dont get the system then.....
  10. Darma

    Answered Get in to a FS

    where did they tell us this? cant remember reading this?
  11. Darma

    Fixed [38193] Fellowship shield will not open

    we can atm not invite some ppl because of this
  12. Darma

    Not a Bug KP sharing perk is not working

    aktiveted but not seeing free KP when I goto a FS members AW. Do we need to earn 1 KP somehow or what? Dont understand how it works ( yes we did activate) Im a mage...does that matter? is it only leader?
  13. Darma

    Discussion Misty Forest 2021

    i think I actually had to have 1 building to trade in the offer... ill test some more
  14. Darma

    Discussion Misty Forest 2021

    Sorry i wanted to say...this is cool...but why confirm you email? on green button
  15. Darma

    Undocumented changes

    you couldbefore..your not loosing it