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  1. meira

    Announcements and Release Notes (Discord)

    Hi, just want to say thanks to the dev's for all your hard work and innovations these days. Unfortunately I can not use discord on my computer. It crashes everytime I have used it and seems to interfere with it's normal working processes. My computer is using Windows 10 and is an i5 intel, with...
  2. meira

    Not a Bug Graphics problem

    The graphics are going crazy on my city. Mostly on the pop ups. It is also happening on my USA server as well. And it`s okay one minute then somewhere else is affected. Constantly changing. Screen shot of my city. The side, top and under the avatar are missing graphic information.
  3. meira

    Duplicate Tournament Battle bug, manual play freezes game

    Hi, I started to play the tournament and always play manually. I set up my battle and clicked on Fight. Got of the first shot. And then the battle froze. restarted the game several times and always the same. So I tried to play automatic and it worked. But that is not good as when you progress...
  4. meira

    looking for a new home

    Hi, our FS is looking for 4 new players, we are pretty relaxed but really want active player, I am a daily player myself. I enjoy being in this FS. As for the chat not everyone is chatty and then there are those who are vocal. We have a good mix. Please message me if you are interested PS: the...
  5. meira

    Fixed [43629] Spire - cannot use time instants

    My time boots are not working either, Hope the Dev's address this soon. Especially irritating during the FA. And I tried them in different areas.
  6. meira

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I think we should poll for a central bank for each FS. And make it more reasonable to play. Why frustrate players so much. That is why a lot of players leave the game.
  7. meira

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I was thinking the same thing. A badge BANK would be great then players don't have to spend all day at this game in case they miss their opportunity to play. Yep 1 central bank and your name checked off for participating. Then it would run a lot smother and I wouldn't have to keep on sending out...
  8. meira

    Discussion The Cauldron

    Hi, I like the concept of the cauldron, but yet to understand it fully when putting in ingredients. I did notice how our play score in the tournament got us goblets. Hopefully that will be an incentive for players to participate more fully in the tournament. But some more info on the functioning...
  9. meira

    New Game Features Tourney relics for fragments

    I am in agreement that we should be able to convert the excess relics to something else. SF sounds good as it is hard to get them sometimes in the spire and I don't like cashing in my other items for SF that I could use elsewhere in the game. Thumbs up on this idea. :)
  10. meira

    Not a Bug Multicolor crossings completed tick missing in Browser FA map

    There are no check marks on finished tricoloured switch points, in the browser version. But they stop bouncing up and down when finished. :)
  11. meira

    City Aureate Phoenix and Storm Phoenix Feeding Time extension and Panda review

    I agree, but think all pets food should last a min. of 24 hrs if not more. As it is hard to get pet food and I have several of them (pets). In fact it would be nice if they were sold in multiples at a reasonable price on a consistent basis. (just saying :))
  12. meira

    Fixed wrong collect in FA

    Hi, I am running our FA and was very disappointed to see the wrong collector. And if it was intentional we should have been informed. I have players very upset and now do not want to play. I hope this is a mistake and can be correct for the duration of the FA. We spent two days preparing for...
  13. meira

    Discussion Season of Dreams

    I like the Season of Dreams, much better than the Cauldron. I like the rewards. My weekly refresh didn't seem to be working. and now my Season tab has disappeared. ???
  14. meira

    Discussion The Cauldron

    I researched it, and tried to make a potion but it doesn't complete. and won't let me take out the excess ingredients. also it says you get to drink the result. well it said it filled the goblets but it shows 0 by the goblets. it lied 8( lol I think there needs some instructions on how to use so...
  15. meira

    Fixed [42518] Cant produce goods

    same problem here 2:57 am PST time Nov. 25th on Firefox Everything was fine when I was on at 9pm PST time November 24th
  16. meira

    Won't fix Winter Magic 2022 quest/event length issue

    I agree that there is an issue in the event. And if it isn't addressed now it will cause havoc in the end. It clearly is a problem now.
  17. meira

    Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards!

    I like the idea of a universal artifact that can be used to evolve anything. That would be the best reward for every level.
  18. meira

    Fixed [35311] Fellowship adventure marker is incorrect

    My green and blue markers are not appearing when collecting goods. etc.