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  1. Spire base tournament/spire formula on things that are under your control instead of something that can never be undone.

    Well the same goes for the AW levels, why would a penalty make sense there? But that was said right at the beginning and it doesn't looks like Inno cares about those facts at all. ;)
  2. Confirmed [43481] Diamond amount reduced without explaination

    "Some of you may have noticed an anomalous granting or doubling of Diamond rewards in the last weeks, and we needed to correct it, to both protect the balance in the game, and also ensure fairness throughout all players." Funny how they always say buying diamonds is no problem for the balance...
  3. Tournament 11th-19th Chest rewards improvement.

    Even more rewards for the players that are already getting the most out of the tournament - not needed imo.
  4. City Increase AW maximum level

    Yes pls, I would like to use my kps.
  5. Discussion The Cauldron

    Yes, it is related to the number of diplomas and it does not matter from which chapters they are.
  6. Improve the perks by adding new perks and adding more levels

    We are at 10-7-10-0 and I don't need any of those perks tbh.
  7. FA Frequency and prizes

    There is the option to change the events, to give us all the artifacts there. After that we can make the FA its own fun thing with cool prizes, instead of forcing players into it for the last artifacts.
  8. Discussion The Cauldron

    Well, there is although the argument for a higher increase in troop production in chapters 17 to 20 compared to the higher troop needs (through completed research). :p
  9. Discussion The Cauldron

    Yeah, maybe... but at the point you catch up with the chapters, you have all that trash and you have gotten way less points...
  10. Discussion The Cauldron

    You can buy more points in total (for the same price), if you have more diplomas then? That's kinda wierd. You could blow up your costs in early chapters without getting much out of it and then that's that?
  11. Discussion The Cauldron

    So, double exponential increase in the costs? No matter what, the effect will never get close to a dwarven armorer or a fire chicken? Not even to the level of the production bonus of the mountain halls (which isn't great)? Oh boy..
  12. Discussion The Cauldron

    maxNumberOfIngredients = 25 right? Just take the 1/25 out of the suqare root and it is 1/5 or 20% and only (numberOfIngredients)^0.5 remains? Or is maxNumberOfIngredients actually a variable or if it is not, why isn't there a 25 from the get-go?^^
  13. City negative ranking points for placed expansions

    The idea is at least less silly than the negative effect for the tournament.
  14. Improve the perks by adding new perks and adding more levels

    Give us meaningful perks instead. :P
  15. Not a Bug No free KP available from Knowledge Points Sharing Perk (Level 1)

    If you activated it today you don't get the kp until tomorrow iirc.
  16. Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/a-gateway-into-the-past.17829/post-108747 or the post after from @Karvest if you like those numbers more. I hope that is what you are searching for?
  17. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    I will do that, maybe the wonder is worth it, would be nice. :)
  18. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    @Jammin I checked my troop production of a lvl 35 wonder and I am not excited from it, but maybe that changes with the higher chapters? If I could give back some of my expansions, than I might be interested in this effective ork production. Maybe I build it lvl 1 or something, gonna see.^^
  19. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    All my residences are magic by now (thanks to the spire), but I don't see me building the Springs (I haven't even maxed the GA and Mountainhall thx to the tournament change). I just restarted my research recently after parking in ch16 since the tournament changes (feels like forever) and I will...