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  1. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    @Deadeye Jerry , If the Dev's keep prolonging events, please can you ask them if they prolong this year as well?
  2. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    With all the bugs we have now right after an game update, I wonder why no one comes up with the idea to do a roll-back on the game files. And for all the trouble we are experiencing, give every beta player just 500 diamonds.
  3. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Duplicate When in Barracks, Mercenary Camp and Training Grounds cannot use time shorteners

    you can't use time boosters at all. Even the magic academy has this problem as well and speed building doesn't work as well.
  4. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Dear InnoGames

    I know this is a BETA server so bugs will happen. I know the devs will fix any bug as soon as possible. I also know when a player suffers from a bug (end of chapter 18 when chapter 19 still dit not exist) they have to rebuild everything again and live with it. So now there is a bug were some...
  5. Bor de Wolf 1965

    User Interface Neighbors window

    I agree with @Dorfl the Clay to vote against this option. Once every few weeks I use the world neighbourhood help system and give all players some help and don't care if they help me back or not. For the rest of the time I only use the notification system to return the return help. That way I...
  6. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Fellowships Remove the language filters on the beta server in-game chat.

    I and everyone else on the Beta server knows, the main language is English and we have to use it here on the forums. But in the fellowship chat the main language is what the fellowship decides upon. If a group of only German speaking players decides to make a fellowship and states in their...
  7. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion The Cauldron

    If we are talking about not allowed words in-game, there is a secret list were players once in a while stumble on when they are using a different language and some starting letter combinations are not allowed. A simple example with Dutch and English words with the same meaning But Dutch is not...
  8. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion The Great Excavation

    If I am counted towards the experienced players or not, that is for others to decide. But this is for the first time in years that I am stuck below 220 while I always managed to hit the 260 mark for as long as I have played this game.
  9. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion The Cauldron

    What would be an improvement as well is a pacifist switch so it automatic ignores the Barracks, training grounds and mercenary camp buffs. At this moment I use it for someone with -100 on those options but an auto block would be great.
  10. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Confirmed [43441] Donkey drop sound without a donkey landing

    Game version: v1.170-beta.5-(f60bc8d) - html5 (2023-02-15 11:18) Game world:Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: firefox latest Operating System or Mobile Device: win 10 Screen resolution: Account name: Bor de Wolf 1965 Humans or Elves: elv Reproducibility: 5/5 Quest title: (if...
  11. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Answered Slow city. No provinces. Event quests want sooo many relics.

    Yesterday we had the 20 relic quest for the event on the life servers. So all I did was getting the stuff out of the MA that I wanted, used a sip of clarity to get the new stuff and was done with that part in just a couple minutes. I prefere to keep my scouted provinces as scouted so I have a...
  12. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Answered Slow city. No provinces. Event quests want sooo many relics.

    Looking at this part of your message, I noticed that you like many other players forget that you can make 5 relics at a time in your magic academy when they are available. So why people always go for the full amount of relics trough the province system when there is no tournament available I...
  13. Bor de Wolf 1965

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Is it posible that the chests beyond 50 are only available for the season pass players?
  14. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion The Great Excavation

    The trick with the new setup of this event is not to open all the sand covered blocks but just enough to get close to the 50 needed for the golden eye while you have almost the entire map with covered blocks. If you use the golden eye at that moment you see were the treasures are hidden and you...
  15. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Not a Bug Placing requirement H14 is impossible

    Game version: v1.170-beta.3-(900816b) - html5 (2023-02-10 11:56) Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: firefox latest version Operating System or Mobile Device: Win 10 Screen resolution: Account name: Bor de Wolf 1965 Humans or Elves: elves Reproducibility: 5/5 Quest title...
  16. Bor de Wolf 1965

    City Increase AW maximum level

    @Lovec Krys my reactions were on the basic idea from @Prueba2 (s)he wanted all bonuses to be increased, so the tax reduction should go lower and same for the time warp. For the abbey it is depended on both, Provinces and wonder level for the last part gives a fixed number per level to multiply...
  17. Bor de Wolf 1965

    City Increase AW maximum level

    I am for expanding the wonder levels but not all wonders should get both bonuses increased as well. All wonders that have a tax reduction should be kept at the 2% limit. If this isn't done then you can get a negative tax reduction and you will get more of the items every night and that can't...
  18. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.169

    Most of the time when I am watching some tv programs on my computer I just switch off the sounds elvenar makes. And when I am finished with watching or listening I switch the game sounds on but never the in-game music. It is just a little extra action you take for your own comfort.
  19. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Question List of synergies or multiple effects of single actions?

    I play this game for just over 4 years now and the sheets needed a lot of time to develop. And for the Dutch BS I am playing in, I keep updating the event sheets, BSA sheets and a special tournament sheets. For me it is just a couple minutes on the 3 extra sheets a day/weak but the BS is helped...
  20. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Question List of synergies or multiple effects of single actions?

    The basic idea is good and I use it already for a couple years on my private spreadsheet. You need to use the right formulas on all your wonders to know how much they influence productions. But keep in mind, it will become a very complex calculation. I already use 7 tab sheets to keep track on...