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  1. Discussion Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    As more prestige your guest buildings are using the higher production bonus you get. The guest buildings are required to maintain the high production bonus in the tower. In the end I had 20 maxed Diabhal workshop and 14 maxed Vallorian shop. With a lvl 32 Trader wonder I reached 26 items for 1...
  2. Discussion Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    Indeed mana is a chore now. What I did to mitigate this issue was the following. I moved almost the whole city into the inventory and built as much guest buildings as possible and maxed them. This way I could increase the output of the portal production. Try to reach as high output per...
  3. Discussion Realm of the Phoenix

    I finished all quest already yesterday. :D I was really surprised
  4. Production duration on later chapters

    don't forget the trading mechanism for the ascended goods. You need to collect millions, while you can trade 3 times 5000 in chapter 20. If I wouldn't have invested so much time into my town and wouldn't have good fellows, I would have already left the game because of that.
  5. Daily Login Gift - Mobile = yes / PC = no

    I think mobile players should be able to donate KP to all players on the ranking list and not only to the neighbors and fellows. This problem is a huge disadvantage for mobile only users.
  6. Discussion The Cauldron

    I think it is the perfect time to have a button in the tech tree to “jump to next available technology”. This would help for me to find the skipped optional techies.
  7. Cauldron… ??

    I just received the trumpet about the cauldron on a European server too. I was so excited, but nothing here :|
  8. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    try to compare the 60+ provinces KP loss to that 14 “balance” provinces... that’s pretty lame, IMO
  9. 7/7/2020 Beta Life is too Quiet

    What are you thinking about? Any hints please :)
  10. [Mobile] Time until neighborly help can be given

    And this timer is already visible on the map for the neighbors.
  11. Discussion May Celebrations

    I second that!!
  12. Discussion Release Notes version 1.102

    Well, this is coming to live servers on the 2nd of April. Was it beta tested long enough?
  13. More inventory tabs

    +1 You could add it for building as well.
  14. Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    I would like a transparency like this.
  15. Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    Try not to overscout, when events constantly ask for scouting... this is bad reasoning. I’m sorry
  16. Fixed [29477] Mobile app - auto updates not working correctly

    Magic academy is behaving the same as the unit production. You need to have an action actually to see if a spell has been produced.