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  1. Hazel Caballus

    Is Beta dying?

    I won‘t join the new discord server either. It is simply a very bad idea to replace a well-structured forum with a dubious chat server… So much knowledge will be lost, and along with that, many of the most dedicated users. Being on beta without having the chance to report bugs or discuss topics...
  2. Hazel Caballus

    Discussion Aqua Splendor

    It seems to me that Inno doesn’t like iOS users. Still no event available! How are we supposed to test something which isn’t there? And the Season quest is just laughing at me “Solve event quests”. Ha. I’d love to, if I had the chance.
  3. Hazel Caballus

    Is Beta dying?

    There has always been some kind of conflict between the “happy players” (or fan boys/girls) who enjoy every aspect of the game and those who tend to criticize most of the new features and changes. And in between you have a large variety of players who are in between those two (extreme) poles...
  4. Hazel Caballus

    Fellowship “Stressless” has two free spots available

    We’re looking for easy-going, yet active players who would like to join our team and like to participate in tournaments and the Spire :) What we offer: 10 chests every tournament Silver in Spire 3 chests in FAs, yet no obligation to participate. FAs go very smoothly without using external...
  5. Hazel Caballus

    Is Beta dying?

    The few and slow reactions to your post show that the Beta forum is taking part in this process, too. In my opinion, it has a lot to do with recents developments in game which have been accompanied by a seemingly total lack of interest in players’ feedback shown by Inno officials (I don’t mean...
  6. Hazel Caballus

    Update on payment options for the Season of the Triumph Pass on Beta

    At first when I noticed that they made the Season Pass available only for cash on the live servers, I thought it’s at least a sign of acknowledgment of the Beta player’s efforts (and loyalty) that they kept the Season Pass available for diamonds here. Given the recent developments in the game...
  7. Hazel Caballus

    Ads in the game?

    I’m seriously worried about the way Elvenar is taking. One reason why I’m playing this game for several years already is that it was free of adds. Many app games I tried were polluted with adds all over and I left those games as soon as I found out (which was pretty quick…). If Inno starts to...
  8. Hazel Caballus

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I’ve got a question regarding the FA announcement in the forum. This isn’t new, is it? So why is there an increase in the amount of required badges? Or is the 19% increase mentioned in the announcement not new either? I’m just wondering which part of the announcement is truly new and which isn’t.
  9. Hazel Caballus

    Vacation mode - no decay while you are away

    Thank you for your answer. While here on Beta we don’t get any further information about what happens to our “ideas and suggestions”, this is indeed possible on other Elvenar forums. Please have a short look at this “ideas” thread from the US forum, for example. In this example, the community...
  10. Hazel Caballus

    Vacation mode - no decay while you are away

    I wonder if we could get any news on this one. 2020 is some time ago already… Has the idea actually been forwarded to the devs or did it fail the CM voting round? If it has indeed been forwarded, do they still consider implementing a vacation mode or did they recject the idea altogether?
  11. Hazel Caballus

    Discussion The Season of Joy

    This type of quest is highly unfair because it mainly depends on being lucky. Quests should not depend on winning something (and especially not on winning a prize with a low probability). Players should be able to complete quests on their own without having to rely on luck. Please remove this...
  12. Hazel Caballus

    Recent developments (bugs, errors and poor customer policy)

    For me, a big advantage of the Beta Forum compared to the DE forum has always been that Beta allowed for open criticism and discussions. It seems to me that this has come to an end. Increasing censorship is an unmistakable sign of this.
  13. Hazel Caballus

    Fellowships Remove the language filters on the beta server in-game chat.

    +1 We don’t need filters in the fellowship chat.
  14. Hazel Caballus

    Discussion The Great Excavation

    I agree with previous posts that the event needs some serious rebalancing before going to the live servers. It still looks like not even the gold league players will be able to get the complete set (if you don’t take the gold league reward into account). I do like the mechanics of this event...
  15. Hazel Caballus

    Improve the perks by adding new perks and adding more levels

    Thank you. Further info regarding the outcome of the CM poll would indeed have to be provided by a CM.
  16. Hazel Caballus

    Improve the perks by adding new perks and adding more levels

    According to my knowledge, the way the approved ideas take is not that direct or clear/transparent. I would highly appreciate more feedback regarding the outcome of the CM voting round. I know that it has been possible in the US forum - they players were informed by the CM whether an approved...
  17. Hazel Caballus

    Fixed [42939] Incorrect event quest

    Game version: (right click ingame, click the version number to copy it, paste here. HTML5: Go to your ingame settings and you can copy it from the bottom of the window.) Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: iOS 16.2 Operating System or Mobile Device: iPad 6th generation Screen...
  18. Hazel Caballus

    Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    For at least some of the app players the event still isn’t available. It‘s the first time since I‘ve been playing Elvenar that an event is not available for a certain group of players even two days after of the official start of the event. It is NOT acceptable to blame app stores for this...