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  1. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Has Inno ever restarted a FSA? Normally they corrected only for live
  2. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    This Evo looks more than a Phönix than a bear for autumn. But it is very nice.
  3. Chapter XXi

    summer vacation in Hamburg is starting at July 13th this year. And normally there were no changes while vacation. It would be very "amusing" to have a new chapter starting during vacations. Btw, announcemet were also on German servers.
  4. Update on payment options for the Season of the Triumph Pass on Beta

    But you compare with "wrong" prices. I guess, very seldom diamonds are bought at real prices, most will be bought at lowered prices. And I normally take the diamonds I worked for in spire and also in tournament. I really not willing to buy dias for the seasons.
  5. Chapter Migration feedback

    I guess, this is only the beginning with Beta and will be proceeded in live worlds. But I decided to hold a city in Chapter 4 due to FSA and other reasons. When I am now migrated to Chapter V, I will lose all my privilegs, I worked for hard.
  6. No Spire scheduled for tomorrow.

    well, for me it seems, Inno is going to shut down Elvenar. Now not very good informed Devs are working, to be seen with copy and paste wrong things, without negotiating every change in the meantime. I guess, Devs doesnt know it better, because they are not involved within the game. Inno tries...
  7. FA Renew the path highlight

    well, thats the problem by higlighting the way. Your suggestion will solve it.
  8. Fixed [44421] No Spire scheduled for tomorrow.

    on live spire uses to start at 5 o'clock p.m. at german summertime, today it startet at 4 p.m.
  9. Discussion Floral Awakening

    I simply notice that I'm running out of steam with the frequency of the events. So far I've always played them all and had more and sometimes less fun. But the end of GA in the evening and the start of the next event the next morning is just too much for me. I'm starting to not really care...
  10. Discussion Floral Awakening

    Icant guess it!!! FS just ended and tomorrow morning a new Event starts. No comment.
  11. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    This wont happen, cause Devs would have to be paid extra for work on saturday or sunday.
  12. Question Event-Timer missing?

    maybe its a mistake made by inno. I guess, it would be to close to the running FS adventure. Dont't know.
  13. Fixed [44330] Tournament available early

    nex tourney start is announced in 38 Minuten
  14. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    what is community work?
  15. Discussion The Season of Joy

    First you have to buy the seasons pass to get the great auction, so I guess, Inno know about that. ^^
  16. Left in the dark

    thx for announcement. But it would be much better to do the announcemt at least one day earlier, that means at least two days before start
  17. Discussion Mama Juul's Fusion Feast

    Icons of different typs are very difficult to distinguish so i.e. Chocholate on type 2 and 3 do only have spoon on opposite site.
  18. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    I have to correct: Its 1 % chance to get three pet foods daily. But not much better.
  19. Answered New tech tree chapter 12 ?

    two waves in spire you'll get at first floor only at the doors. These waves are normally can be done by good army and also a phenix. If you dont have a phenix, it will be difficult to get through the 1st BigBoss. On 2nd floor and also on 3rd floor there are always two waves, sometimes there a 3...
  20. Discussion The Season of Joy

    so dont do that quest. If it is weekly quest, you can skip it, if it is a daily quest, no matter not to do, because you can skip some dailies without having disadvantages