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  1. SyreArca

    Hi there!

    One more goodbye post from me to say a huge thank you to @Marindor (first and foremost :)) , @Konys , @Kersepitje , @Amy Steele , @pinksunset , @dimitryb , the entire Beta community, and its viewers for the wonderful time I've had here. It's been a pleasure to help and work with this amazing...
  2. SyreArca

    Either... or game

    I'm not a big fan of any social media platforms. I do use Discord to stay in touch with everyone though! Whether it's family, friends, gamers, co-workers, etc.! No ads, algorithms or any of the other mumbo-jumbo. ;) Big cities or quiet, country living?
  3. SyreArca

    Possible game votes

    This is a great idea, to come up with some fun activities for the Lounge! I like it and voted for a few! :D :D :D
  4. SyreArca

    Either... or game

    Oooh, difficult to choose! I'm going with Fall. :) Cats or dogs?
  5. SyreArca

    Discussion Goodbye from Marindor

    Dear Marindor and the Community, I would like to send my deepest appreciation and sorrow, equally. Our Support Team is devastated with the news that Marindor will no longer be leading the Beta Community. “Big M” or “M” as we moderators call him, has been the very best boss I’ve ever had the...
  6. SyreArca

    Not a Bug Circular quest: upgrade a boosted manufactory to level 11 or higher

    Hi @Bor de Wolf 1965 Please keep in mind that on Beta, if something is working as intended (as in: nothing is broken or changed with its function or programming) then it cannot be considered a Bug or error, since it is working as it was meant to. Rather, it is considered feedback once determined...
  7. SyreArca

    Discussion Mischievous Therapy

    Hi @Nezzie Please do send in a ticket so that we can fix this for you. This goes for everyone, should you be stuck on a quest that won't accomplish, for now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! :) Please see this Bug Report @Uffauffa please do send us a ticket, as well, so that we can...
  8. SyreArca

    City Server change

    Hi @GrayEyes We would advise posting this idea to one of the live Forum's "Ideas and Suggestions" threads instead. As @Enevhar Aldarion mentions, Beta is a one server market, therefore, posting to one the live Forums would help to gain more discussion and applicable dialogue, in this case...
  9. SyreArca

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Hi @Kosza We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues getting in to the game. Please send us a ticket through this link: support.innogames.com In future, you can post in our Questions and Help section if you need any assistance. :)
  10. SyreArca

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Hi everyone! This is just a visual hiccup (bug). No Luxurious Flacons needed in this round of Adventures. :) https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/i-cannot-have-luxurious-flakons-in-my-inventory.17955/
  11. SyreArca

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.160

    Hi @Marjade You are welcome to send us a ticket through Support. We would be happy to take a look at this for you. :)
  12. SyreArca

    Discussion Chapter 20 - The Power of Music

    Thanks for the valuable feedback regarding the Wiki site's wording for the Ensemble buildings. We appreciate your thoughts! We are in no way dismissing your concerns, rather giving some clarification, for the time being. :) Please always feel free to share your constructive concerns and...
  13. SyreArca

    Discussion Chapter 20 - The Power of Music

    Hi everyone! Please be respectful towards each player and our moderators. Respectful communication and constructive feedback are key to helping improve and gain clarification with Beta’s new features. :) As Kersepitje says, there is a specific number of Ensembles you will need to place in your...
  14. SyreArca

    Discussion Chapter 20 - The Power of Music

    Hi @Solace Seeker Please contact Support, if you haven't done so already, so we can look into this for you. Thanks! :)
  15. SyreArca

    Answered Offending players in chat/What can be done?

    Hi @maja21122012 We are sorry that this has happened to you. As @Alcaro said, you can expel the player. Should they contact you through messages, you can block them right away by doing the following: -Go into a message that the player has sent to you. -Click on the "!" button (on the app, you...
  16. SyreArca

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2022

    The amount for vision vapors needed is indeed chapter dependent. The Elvenar Team doesn't give out specific amounts to quests in events unless there is a Bug found (or suspected) in some cases. However, in this case, this is intended to be a different amount, depending on your chapter. That's...
  17. SyreArca

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2022

    Hi @Enevhar Aldarion I asked our QA team about this. @Kersepitje says this is indeed intended to happen, so not a bug in this case. Well spotted! :) Thanks for asking and hope this helps!
  18. SyreArca

    User Interface Feeding time at the animal buildings

    We shall leave this up to the big boss, Marindor. ;) Thanks for everyone's participation!!! (For future ideas and suggestions, please allow some time for further discussion. Marindor will open up the polling option for 2 weeks, once there has been enough discussion and he deems it a plausible...
  19. SyreArca

    User Interface Feeding time at the animal buildings

    Hi everyone! Here is an explanation on how @Marindor handles Ideas and Suggestions for our Beta market: "Here on Beta, as you probably know, I archive the ideas of which I already know they have no chance of being implemented, and the ones that do seem feasible get a poll for 2 weeks, needing a...
  20. SyreArca

    OK we have a challenge

    Hi all! Please continue this discussion in our dedicated thread: Discussion - Challenges