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  1. Discussion The Great Excavation

    I used to like this event type, this one is seriously unbalanced 40 pieces missing - only one main quest and 2 daily collections are not enough. I cant get the main price and i'm in silver
  2. Fixed [42749] FA Increased coin value while it should be less

    same for me as well, main hall 33 at Elvenar chapter
  3. User Interface let me drink my potions one by one

    My point is If I have earned 5 or 9 Goblets by good tournament performance I want 5 or 9 potions the cauldron is a very good motivation to get more tournament activity, if done right. If its use it all at once, the motivation effect is lost
  4. Discussion The Cauldron

    I dont understand the number of goblets. I got 9 goblets in total, 1 + 4 for earning over 2000 tournament points and the other 4 For me "in the Tournament the previous week" and "the last tournament" are basically the same tournament Can you rephrase it to "You obtain two new Trophy Goblet...
  5. User Interface let me drink my potions one by one

    I know its working as intended, but why do we have to drink all our goblets at once? Change the cauldron, so that we can brew the first goblet and drink it immediately After the first goblet we cant change the recipe anymore, but we can brew the second goblet and drink it by clicking the brew...
  6. Discussion The Cauldron

    not random. Its just for X diplomas you get the first X ingredients. Im missing the fairie diploma but missing the precious sentient goods bonus, nr 14. im in chapter 15.
  7. Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    Another failure, I finished all quests, didnt complete the Phönix and no GA again. Are you kidding me?
  8. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Maribor, can you give us a fresh anouncement and not repost a thread from 2017, please? Its confusing I understand only the today's post is relevant and describes all the changes
  9. Discussion The Forbidden Ruins

    I finished all quests and only choose prices with the cheapest expected progress. I was unlucky with winning scrolls and didnt finish the set :mad: Additionally there is no GA o_O Luckily the set is crap If I finish the event questline, I also want the event price Remove the randomness by...
  10. Fixed [TECH-5848] Game Terminated Error

    fixed, thank you
  11. Fixed [TECH-5848] Game Terminated Error

    confirmed, this morning the game crashed 4 times already. Showstopper
  12. Discussion Release Notes version 1.126

    Hotkeys should work for multi-production in Manufactories. - its only working for manufactories of the same level :(
  13. Discussion Rise of the Phoenix Cult

    Can the Ashen Phoenix artifacts converted to Phoenix artifacts?
  14. Not a Bug Carnival - Event is ending before last quest is available

    not a bug, I looked at the timer for the daily price
  15. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    On avereage we move 1 step
  16. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    Im in chapter 4, reached the daily quests with around 10 days left in the event. Quest are hard but you can do them in time. I have another issue: I have 23 steps to go for owl lvl 10 (475 keys) but have only 154 keys left (+ 45 from last quest and +25 daily ) , thats 250 keys short of...
  17. Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards!

    As a new player (also on live) I like the changes. I already asked my guildies where to get a fire phoenix;-) Probably 6 weeks wont be enough to fully evolve a fresh phoenix, but its a start
  18. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    The change in the episodic quests didnt work well now quest 74 is locked (opens in 4h) with 22 quests total remaining, but only 21 days 14h left. Usually we get more than 10 hours for the final quest