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  1. Discussion A Gateway into the Past 2023

    So if iDavis numbers are correct, it seems that the main prize mana numbers for chapters 9 and 10 are messed up
  2. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    And where do you find the Time of Aquatic Props
  3. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    So why does the Tomb of Aquatics Center only contain the the large buildings. It should have the option of bootleggers, hypnojelly and barriers. And probably 2 of each
  4. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    So brews went from 50 to 25 to back to 50 and now to 25. Basically Inno not admitting they screwed up last FA, but acting like they are moving forward.
  5. Discussion Aqua Splendor

    Maybe I'm seeing this wrong, but....the barrier, bootlegger and hypnojelly require 3 connectors to get the full set bonus. But whatever you put at the corner can only have 2 connectors.
  6. No Event or No Timer

    So the set looks like you are to place 10 of those "wave barricades." And it's 5x11
  7. No Event or No Timer

    So, what do we think. They forgot to give us a timer OR since they screwed up last event starting early we get two weeks off.
  8. Fixed [44421] No Spire scheduled for tomorrow.

    Is it really an announcement if it is after everyone knows about it. I mean, Karvest post is more of an announcement.
  9. Season quests during an FA

    I believe that certain Season quests should be turned off during an FA. The ones for simple tools and bread come to mind, but may be others. One should not have to choose gaining points for yourself or helping your fellowship out.
  10. Inno layoffs 75

    Do a search and you can read on how Inno laid off around 75 people in the middle of April. From what I've seen they had 350-450 employees. That means a layoff of 15-20%.....starts to explain a lot.
  11. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    So instead of choice of event rewards you only get to choice one of each. If someone just got 7 upgrades instead of 9 needed they cannot get the needed two as it was before. Seems a step backwards
  12. Songs corner

  13. Fixed [44326] Login not possible (app version)

    And this is why you never spend money in Beta. Inno just considers it a testing ground. If you spent money then well, you knew what you were getting. And it's not customer service.
  14. Fixed [44326] Login not possible (app version)

    So after deleting app and reinstall I can play on live, but switching to beta screwed it up again. Another delete and install and live working again. I'm just going to stay off beta until I hear its fixed.
  15. Discussion Mama Juul's Fusion Feast

    Personal, I have reached 260(RNG gods been good to me today). But just noticed that in league prizes, silver contains an artifact. So basically the top 5% will be guaranteed full upgrade. That is at 231 as of 6am EDT.
  16. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    In the app, in crafting, next to the combining catalyst is three dots. Tapping it gives Dragonheart Estate Artifacts and showing that I have zero of them. Wondering what this is
  17. NEW website Elvenstats.com!

    Back up Oops, spoke too soon. Main page up but cannot access others, any data. As of 2am EDT.
  18. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    That would make a cool desk ornament
  19. Discussion The Cauldron

    So the way I'm now looking at this is that it won't be an instant gratification thing. I will get barely anything out of it for awhile. It will take weeks, more than likely months to build up to what is really good effects. Maybe a year or two to get great effects. This is a system for the...
  20. Discussion The Cauldron

    Trophy goblets. First at 210(200?), second at 600.