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  1. 4 true adventurers are looking for Gold Spire fellowship until next FA

    We are active, make between 1600 and 2500 points in tournaments and go all to the top of the Spire
  2. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Now we are 4 true adventurers. We made 26,050 points and reached place 36 in FA-ranking (place 478 in the overall-ranking). Give us 4 more crazy guys like us and we'll fight for top-ten places;). We'll disband again and meet you all in the next battle for glory in Fellowship Adventures!
  3. True Adventurers

    As Fellowship Adventure is coming up, we re-founded our fellowship. We have doubled our number by now, so there are only 21 places left :). If you are a true adventurer, too, join us and feel pure enthusiasm during the 6 days of Fellowship Adventure!
  4. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Quite happy with our first participation in FA with our fellowship 2 true adventurers. My friend Aureliano and I did all maps, won all prices and gave it all in the endless pit. We were only stopped by the foreseeable lack of elemental marbles and ghosts due to our modest number of provinces...
  5. True Adventurers

    We are crazy about Fellowship Adventures! When FA is near, we tear down dozens of buildings, put another 30 or 40 in the inventory and use every single space to build up level 1 factories and workshops. During the FA we produce every senseless recipe in the Academy, waste hundreds of spells...