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  1. Vulcans Fellowship is seeking tournament enthusiasts

    Greetings Beta Players, Vulcans are still looking for a few active players to join us :)
  2. Vulcans Fellowship is seeking tournament enthusiasts

    Hello beta players, Vulcans currently have a few vacancies due to players becoming inactive. We are a friendly and relaxed international fellowship that gets 10 chests in the tournament every week, and usually silver in the spire. We take a relaxed approach to the FA, but always collect all of...
  3. Announcements and Release Notes (Discord)

    Thanks for the explanation. My Watchtower ruins currently provides 1.02 million culture in my EN3 city - so it will drop to about a fifth of the current amount. Yes, I take it back - they have not addressed the culture problem at all.
  4. No comment

    Yes, a good chunk of my FS will also be gone if these changes are not reversed. The cost of upgrading AWs is now just impossible for everyone (none of us are endgame players, we are all still building up our cities), but it is worst for smaller cities. We get 10 chests in the tournament and...
  5. Ancient wonders level up with the new requirements

    I completely agree with you. These changes are incredibly unfair to newer cities. Even my live city (an endgame city) cannot easily acquire the resources needed to upgrade an AW with the new costs and still keep crafting necessary items in the MA. How is a smaller city supposed to complete...
  6. Announcements and Release Notes (Discord)

    That is true - to be honest I am not entirely sure how much culture they cut from the AWs in the first place, so I won’t really know if doubling the new amount makes any significant difference until I see the effects on my city after the next update.
  7. No comment

    My ch. 21 city on EN3 has been trading just about anything in inventory for spell fragments for quite a while now. I am constantly running out. Tinlug manages to keep me afloat for CCs, but a smaller city just can’t do enough tournament provinces to keep up. I am very slowly upgrading the...
  8. Announcements and Release Notes (Discord)

    Thank you for the update, FaunaWillow. This change addresses the Culture problem, but even with the new refunds I think that AWs will still be much to expensive for smaller cities to upgrade. I hope that the development team will still consider removing Spell Fragment, CCs and RR spells from at...
  9. No comment

    I also do not use Discord, but I hope that players that do use the platform are passing along our sentiments, as nobody pays attention to the beta forum anymore. If you don’t use Discord (as I do not either), you can contact support about these changes (but be polite, as support is also run by...
  10. Announcements and Release Notes (Discord)

    I have a lot of culture buildings placed in my city, and after these “improvements”, my culture is now -106k. Everyone has built the AWs of their choice and planned their city in a specific way, according to their own strategy, and now these changes have made a lot of that worthless. Culture...
  11. No comment

    I am now -106k culture thanks to the new AW “improvements”
  12. Ads in the game?

    I agree with everyone who has suggested that this should be an opt-in/opt-out “feature”. Having these advertisements pop up everywhere throughout the game is very irritating to those with zero interest in viewing advertisements. Along with all of the concerns raised above by others, I also...
  13. Vulcans are seeking tournament enthusiasts

    Hi everyone, Vulcans has a couple of places available due to players becoming inactive. Please send me a message in-game if you are interested :)
  14. Confirmed [43481] Diamond amount reduced without explaination

    I agree that this issue could have been handled much better. I suspect that many players, like myself, take it on faith that our diamond balance, as the part of the game that is used as currency and represents real money, is handled carefully by people that take their responsibility to the...
  15. Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    I cannot yet offer any specific feedback on this event, as the iOS app update has not yet arrived, and my PC is currently awaiting new parts - so no event for me yet. The general feedback from my FS, both on beta and live, recently is that there is too much content and too many events being...
  16. Vulcans are seeking tournament enthusiasts

    Greetings All, Vulcans are currently seeking active players that like to participate in the tournament. We are a friendly and active international team that welcomes cities of any size, and we are happy to help new cities grow :)
  17. Vulcans (10+ chest FS) - Seeking Active Tournament Players

    Hi everyone, Vulcans currently has two places available for active players - any size city is welcome, we are happy to help new cities grow :)
  18. Vulcans (10+ chest FS) - Seeking Active Tournament Players

    We have room for another active player of any size - new cities are welcome :)