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  1. Beta Bug Reports (Discord)

  2. A reflection on the Chapter Migration

    About this announcement: my second little city on live server was at chapter 5, and was forced migrated at the end of the chapter (not at the beginning of chapter 6), forcibly unlocked 5-6 tecnology including even 3 not mandatory tecnology (one at chapter 3 and 2 at chapter 5) that specially I...
  3. Undocumented changes

    ahahahahahahahahaahha it's 1st august or 1st april?
  4. Answered Hobby Room

    coins and orcs (hobby room bonus dont't works on events buildings productions, but you collect coins from residences - and unurium whit vallorian tower bonus on chapter XX - and orcs from armory)
  5. Discussion Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    :) vallorian raid from vallorian workshop --> blackyard brawl, rude riot, experimental jewellery from workshop of diabhal -->shdy art from vallorian workshop indeed very complex manifacturing, as said :)
  6. Discussion Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    yes it is, if you use at the best culture bonus and other coins production bonus the point is this, we don't know it just trader that need population and culture at work, vallorian tower, temple of spirits and only two buildings (boblin and steam golem). And we don't know also how much unurium...
  7. Discussion Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    I hope, otherwise the tower would become useless for unurium when we have to produce community work and there are no sources other than residences :rolleyes:
  8. Discussion Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    what about Vallorian Seal Tower bonus??????
  9. User Interface Add AW item to mail context menu

    allelujaaaaaa Now I want again this menù on world map
  10. Answered Are there more players with problems on pc

    this happens to me if the portal is producing
  11. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    so what about the vallorian seal tower bonus?
  12. Discussion The Season of Joy

    oh is it mandatory? I didn't know it :rolleyes: I couldn't care less about these 5 season points, that's not the point
  13. Discussion The Season of Joy

    @Deadeye Jerry how can I collect a teleport or pet food so it counts for this quest?
  14. Discussion The Season of Joy

    and about teleport and pet food?
  15. Discussion The Season of Joy

    I can't solve this quest today no tournament, nb help gave me relics, I don't have Boblin evo, my MA produce cc ever because I don't need enchantments again, I have ton of they (it forces me to use time boost eventually) Why spire and Crafting rewards do no count? and then, this means that...
  16. Discussion Mama Juul's Fusion Feast

    merde merge event...
  17. Cannot reproduce [43548] Incorrect redirect

    again today, both on beta and live server
  18. Discussion Release Notes 1.174

    very useful, we really needed it now I feel the desire to buy the kp for a technology with diamonds