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  1. Undocumented changes

  2. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Chapter 20 Bracelets 118k Coins 28077k
  3. Discussion Season of Dreams

    This is a premium prize. You can unlock it by paying here :)
  4. Discussion The Cauldron

    A specific potion is not assigned to a specific chapter, but depends on the number of diplomas. I have the first 6 potions unlocked, although my diplomas are not from the first 6 chapters. They are from different chapters.
  5. Fixed [42518] Cant produce goods

    Same here
  6. Time to say Goodbye

    I wish you all the best Jack and thank you for all the work you did ♥ Take care :)
  7. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Thank You @Karvest :) Will it be an individual game or for the FS?
  8. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Wouldn't it be easier to just inform players about all changes and features? I think it would be easier for both sides. For players, because they would know what is a bug and what is an intended change/feature. For QA Team/support, because they would not have to respond to a lot of...
  9. FA FA Map Waypoints

  10. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    It doesn't work anymore :( We just tested it in our FS. A Player was participating on the 1st map, but not on the 2nd, and didn't get the rewards :( Too bad it was very useful ...
  11. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Thas has ever been true. In all previous adventures, you only had to contribute on the first map to get rewards from all of them (or only on second map to get rewards from the third too). Checked many times on live server and it always worked. It was just that hardly anyone knew about it ;)...
  12. Discussion The Forbidden Ruins

    Wrong city, I meant this :)
  13. Discussion The Forbidden Ruins

    This is the reason why it was removed - possibility to accumulate VV Edit: I meant this city :) Can you imagine how many event currency I could earn using this amount of VV?? ;)
  14. Fellowships Experience Points by investing KP in AW of FS Members

    A very bad idea. We have enough xp that are awarded fairly. We don't need a way to drop the AK from inventory to gain XP (and kill Net0). You have to try harder to expand your perks ;)
  15. Discussion Chapter 19 - Revenge of the Exile Discussion

    How many light matter is required to upgrading Tower of Light to 2lvl?
  16. Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    And I wonder what's going on with this... Does this mean that we will pay for the reset with diamonds? Whose diamonds? I don't get it