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  1. Avocado

    No more forum, just Discord...

    Yes, I am also never going to sign in with discord and I do wish this forum will be kept open.
  2. Avocado

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    This is an annoying remedy for the problem. Very. For many reasons.
  3. Avocado

    Brummbaer is looking for a new home

    Hi Brummbaer, I cannot resist answering to such a nice request, even though we are just a fellowship very close to reaching the gold spire every week. Well, just one more member like you who climbs the spire weekly might just make it happen. Calm and friendly we are. The shores of the Unknown...
  4. Avocado

    No Discusion about advertising?

    Yes, some people have Ads in their game now. Some are thinking of quitting the game forever, because of these ads. Personally for me it will be GAME OVER as soon as these ads will appear in my city, and I am not kidding about it.
  5. Avocado

    Discussion The Great Excavation

    Yeah, it looks good on first sight. Decisions about package shopping are more fun now and there is that fun-looking interesting "golden eye" feature, too. :-))
  6. Avocado

    Discussion The Great Excavation

    yes, I was also irritated about this one shovel, but it seems to me, at the same time the package may have become considerably cheaper. I cannot remember the old price though.
  7. Avocado

    Discussion The Cauldron

    Oh, I posted too hastily. Seems like a maximum of 5 goblets can be obtained and this already after doing 1600 tournament points.
  8. Avocado

    Discussion The Cauldron

    I also want to note @Dhurrin , that as a chapter 15 player with Zero Tournament Cool down, I still cannot play the whole tournament with one brewing effect, because I have to earn the goblets in the tournament first (5 goblets cost me 30 Provinces to 6 Stars, if I remember it correctly) and...
  9. Avocado

    Duplicate Opened Postal Box shows different “Main Prize” as reward than expected

    I also confirm it, it happened in the app and it happended very often. The item which is in the inventory at the end of the transaction is the expected day price shown in the open box, but the one spiralling towards the viewer right after after the box is opened is a different one.
  10. Avocado

    Come to the shores of the Unknown... ... ...

    and find out, that we have a relaxed and tolerant playing style, making 13 tournament chests and aspiring gold Spire Our chat language is English, our members are mostly very experienced players. We have a very kind archmage, who is tending very well to our FS and even writing beautiful lores...
  11. Avocado

    Elven architect - Latest updates

    @Konniver, Your website is such an incredible help, I cannot express my gratitude for your genius work :)). I would have stopped playing Elvenar long ago had you not created Elvenarchitect for us :))
  12. Avocado

    Fixed [41127] Game not loading ap version

    same here :(
  13. Avocado

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    What I really like about this event is, that for your event curreny, you get a lot more time playing, because something happens with every 5 coins spent. That makes it fun. I am still unlucky, being down to the daily quests since Friday, have no event curreny savings, fallen into silver and...
  14. Avocado

    Fixed [40478] Player missing on Neighbors list

    Game version: Game world: Browser/IOS/Android + version: browser AND android Operating System or Mobile Device: Screen resolution: Account name: Avocado Humans or Elves: human Reproducibility: 5 Quest title: (if applicable) Current situation: I wanted to give neighbourhood help to...
  15. Avocado

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    I am happy about a new format and it is fun to play , so thanks for that. I came by here in the forum because I was puzzled about how slow the progress is in this game design, with the new items costing 5 coins and needing many to finish an order and getting very few for the quests. Maybe the...
  16. Avocado

    Fixed [40302] Stacking problems with temporary Military boosts

    Game version: (v1.150.0-462deb8-256 (zz1.152) Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Firefox 99.0.1 Operating System or Mobile Device: Android 10 Screen resolution: Account name: Avocado Humans or Elves: Humans Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 =...
  17. Avocado

    Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    I remember when I was a total newbie to the game I was really impatient about finally getting access to the spire and even waiting for chapter 3 seemed so long....maybe one reason was our FS talking about the spire a lot... Same with the tournament, I wanted to contribute many points fast ! And...
  18. Avocado

    User Interface Put Owner name in AW

    Good Idea :) And also: I really like the Android Game Version for many things (Just LOVE the hide buildings function), one of which is, that in the message headlines you can see who sent it. This means, in a wonder chain you can see at once who posted a request for his/her wonder in the chain...
  19. Avocado

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I'm late for a comment about the FA, but we all loved the new badge collection system, makes the FA much more fun. As for the ghosts, I think overscouting is fine. I overscouted from the very first chapters onward (from around Chap XI onwards until now in Chap XIII to a much lesser degree for...