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  1. Discussion A Gateway into the Past 2023

    Maybe there will be quests like that in the next "season". But I think nobody could know that before the season will start.
  2. Discussion A Gateway into the Past 2023

    Has been difficult enough last year to get all set-items. Seems like Inno is not interested in our feedback.
  3. Discussion A Gateway into the Past 2023

    The board is much smaller this time. I don't like this event and that doesn't make it better for me!
  4. Discussion Ancient Wonders Level Overview on Browser

    Was always missing this in browser version!
  5. Undocumented changes

    Sadly just new stuff to build with materials we need for something else.
  6. Fixed [44817] Waystops don't show completion checkmark & then they do

    If you have a look on the FA ranking and points, there is still a problem.
  7. Fixed [44203] MA changed processing items?

    Also got the change vom Combining Catalyst to Magical Manufacturing. I started Combining Catalysts and if i stop the Magical Manufacturing I got back relics from Magical Manufacuring. So I got other relics back than I have invested? No problem for big cities, but a little bit bad for low cities...
  8. Discussion Aqua Splendor

    I got the update now in Play Store / Android.
  9. Discussion Aqua Splendor

    For problems like this there really should be an option to change one daily quest of the season.
  10. Not a Bug No event i APP

    This shouldn't be normal ;-) Update should be released before event is started.
  11. Discussion Aqua Splendor

    Next time they should just start the event later if they could be sure that the update ist released in app store. It is not the first time that this is happening. Event start on Monday ist bad as well without tournament until Tuesday evening.
  12. Discussion Aqua Splendor

    Same here. So why not bring the update earlier if it is known, that an event will start?
  13. Update on payment options for the Season of the Triumph Pass on Beta

    But thats only cheaper if there are no discounts/special offer as we have sometimes on live. Then I would for example get 6000 or 9000 diamonds for 19.99 €. I would never buy diamonds without discount/special offer.
  14. Update on payment options for the Season of the Triumph Pass on Beta

    Ich won't buy anything on beta. We are testing here. No support on weekends. So why should I pay money here?
  15. Discussion Floral Awakening

    Seems like it is again difficult to get the 260 points for getting all artifacts. Something is going wrong. Again only 5 % of all players can get the building completed. Not sure if i will reach 260 withing the last 2 days, hope I stay at least in silver league.
  16. No Spire scheduled for tomorrow.

    For me for this time no problem, but lots of people have boosters that will be gone Sunday evening / monday morning. And as we all know, boosters are rare. So people want them to get used for 2 spires. I'm really happy that I didn't use boosters this week, so I'm not loosing anything here. And...
  17. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I think the last times with FA after 2 Events there was a Tome where you could choose from both events on 2nd and 3rd card. But good to know, that I need to reach 220 points on live servers for getting at least 8 artifacts for jul's kitchen.
  18. Fixed [44330] Tournament available early

    same here, no fix on beta, just on live servers
  19. Fixed [44326] Login not possible (app version)

    So a lot of people can't login and there is no fix before weekend? I can play in browser but for the weekend I have to stay offline in beta because I'm not at home until sunday evening...
  20. Fixed [44326] Login not possible (app version)

    now i can't even switch to german back again, even if I try to delet all data and cache