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  1. Discussion The Cauldron

    I am only in Chapter 4 on Beta, so I cannot do this myself... but maybe you can help and collect information about the way these effects interact with wonders and other production bonusses. Biloutte did post a great example of a manufactory production (what percentage the bonus claims to be...
  2. Discussion The Cauldron

    Brewing potions is like... well imagine you are the Inno staff member who fills up those treasure chests from tradititonal events. Throwing ingredients into the cauldron does change the probabilities of specific outcomes (and one possible outcome is "you get nothing" unless you add 25+...
  3. Discussion The Cauldron

    As far as I understand it, you can decide. Simply wait with brewing until you are ready to get the effect. And you also decide when to drink the other goblets, you can wait there too (for example, until the first effect wears off, so you are sure you don't waste it if it turns out to be the same...
  4. Text (Not) enough Culture

    I just got two hints that I need more culture, and more population to upgrade a workshop. The demand for more population is justified; the demand for culture is not.
  5. Discussion Chapter 20 - The Power of Music

    So basically we can skip building half of the ensembles, for the price of being stuck on quests until chapter 21 comes, and building that Vortex to level 14?
  6. Text Chapter 20: Guest race manufactories indirectly connected

    The wiki claims that Violin-, Flute- and Drum Makers must be "connected directly or indirectly" to a Basic|Refined|Precious Manufactory, but that is wrong. In fact they must be directly connected. Indirect connections do not count. Link to wiki page
  7. Text Chapter 20: Wrong number of Neighborly help chests

    According to the wiki page, the new Wonder "Scouts Tavern" grants one additional neighborly help chest per 5 levels. https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=The_Power_of_Music_Ancient_Wonders Ingame, it is only one additional chest per 10 levels.
  8. Text Chapter 20: Wrong culture requirement of magic residence and workshop

    The Wiki page lists the required culture of a Chapter 20 Magic Residence as "2300", much less than the required culture of a Chapter 19 building. The same mistake happened at the start of chapter 19, so 2300 is quite surely the required culture to upgrade from 19 to 20, not the total culture for...
  9. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    @Karvest Does that mean the Tech tree is already known?
  10. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    I think Ascended Goods Decay is a relatively safe bet, because it would mirror the timing of the Sentient Goods Decay wonder which we got right after the introduction of Sentient Goods was completed. We may also see some automatic Ascended Goods production mechanism. Like some random boosted...
  11. Discussion Runeshard Changes

    Given the restriction of (3), I do not think that (8) will happen. Help from veteran players is limited (and it is a limit imposed on the receiving player, not on the donor), so beginners must still acquire most of the needed KP themselves; and this new source of AW-KP (the runes) does not come...
  12. Discussion The Forbidden Ruins

    First of all, some buildings have less link bonuses than the number of buildings in the set; from the start. Second, buildings do not get link bonuses for other buildings they touch, but for building types. So if you have two copies of the same building touching a different set building, those...
  13. Discussion The Forbidden Ruins

    Is it confirmed that this works on the squad size of that particular battle? I would have expected it to resurrect troops based on the world map squad size, just like troop summoning instants.
  14. Cannot reproduce [38661] Upgrade of Silk Manufactury to level 33 make it disappear

    I did experience this on live (de2) this week. Silk manufactory turned invisible while upgrading to level 33. Reappeared when construction work had finished.
  15. Fixed Chapter 19 : Wrong culture requirement of Magic Residence ?

    Update: Chapter 19 is live now, and my speculation was right: 3600 is indeed the upgrade cost. The total culture requirement is 11400.
  16. Fixed Chapter 19: Wrong size of Training Grounds 32

    The Wiki page ( Link to Wiki ) says a level 32 Training Ground has a size of 6x5. But in-game it's 5x6.
  17. Discussion Balancing Changes: Moonstone Library

    FINALLY the set is balanced! :) (I could add a senctence like "Just as we players suggested ages ago. Now, was that so hard to do?" but I will refrain from doing so....)
  18. Fixed Chapter 19 : Wrong culture requirement of Magic Residence ?

    The Wiki page lists the required culture of a Chapter 19 Magic Residence as "3600", less than half of the required culture of a Chapter 18 building ("7800"). Reducing the required culture might be a design decision of course ... but I think it is much more likely that the 3600 is the required...
  19. Discussion Chapter 19 - Revenge of the Exile Discussion

    Looks like it works as intended on you ;) Hey, this guy is controlling our city, squeezing it out :eek:! I mean, demanding more of our real estate than we are willing to give - Is there any better way to make us players feel eaten up and remote-controlled?
  20. Wiki Wrong numbers for Training Speed of Victory Spings

    The German and English (and possibly other languages; I didn't check) Wiki page for the Ancient Wonder "Victory Springs" (Link to Wiki) lists a different Training Speed benefit for level 26 and 27 than I see in-game on Server de3 ( ). Since the in-game benefit matches that of the Flying...