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  1. Loynis

    Cannot reproduce Chapter 19: Duplicate requirement of tasks, „Have a (Scrolls) Manufactory at level 32“ in Storyline

    Thank you for your report Brummbaer. But i can't confirm this. Do you have any screenshots? As i can see, you completed these two quests both. Task 13a requires a level 33 manufactory, not a level 32 one. Since you have already a level 33 Scrolls Manufactory built in your city, both quests...
  2. Loynis

    Duplicate Goods do not fit in the window

    Thanks for your report Alcaro. But this was already reported here and decided to be left as is and tagged as such.
  3. Loynis

    Fixed [38784] Marmer - wrong amount

    Confirmed, thanks. And as Karvest said, it is not limited to Marble.
  4. Loynis

    Cannot reproduce [38661] Upgrade of Silk Manufactury to level 33 make it disappear

    Thank you for your report Brummbaer. I can confirm this. As Karvest said, there are other missing images as well. Marble, Elixir, Magic Dust and Gem Manufactories have no problems. Steel and Silk Manufactories are missing both images for upgrading to level 32 and level 33. Planks and Scrolls...
  5. Loynis

    Discussion Chapter 19 - Revenge of the Exile Discussion

    @eltina you probably made a mistake calculating sentient good requirements. If i am not wrong, they each add up to 1150k. Can you check again?
  6. Loynis

    Fixed [36415] Tooltip for collecting units from barracks,TG,MC is wrong

    Thanks Dony and Brummbaer, obviously not fixed properly.
  7. Loynis

    Not a Bug Missing reward from tournament

    As said by Dony and Scoobydoo, it is not related to the tournament.
  8. Loynis

    Duplicate Something is wrong

    Already reported 1 minute ago :) https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/no-more-tchat-icon-and-half-of-the-member-profil-apprears.16418/
  9. Loynis

    Not a Bug Phoenix Event Introduction keeps re-appearing

    Thanks for your report Empress Dee. But what Karvest says is correct. So this is not a bug.
  10. Loynis

    Fixed [34933] Notifications not loading

    Thanks everyone, confirmed now.
  11. Loynis

    Fixed [34684] Spire trophies are missing

    Thanks Dony. Confirmed on Flash. HTML works fine.
  12. Loynis

    Fixed [34391] Tools icon missing

    Thanks Lord Soth, confirmed. Beverages, Breads and Advanced Tools are missing their icons. Simple Tools, Basket of Groceries and Toolboxes are retaining them. Both Flash and HTML
  13. Loynis

    Fixed [34363] Winter magic - owl shows wrong progress

    Thanks for the tip Dony. I was able to act fast enough with 6 winter gifts. Confirmed.
  14. Loynis

    Won't fix [34302] Inconsistent collection amounts from Main Docks

    I would like to add some more detailed reproduction steps. Current situation: When (early) collecting goods from the Air Traders Main Docks, if there is(are) set bonus(es) available, you collect more goods than you should. The bonus amounts are credited as full, even if you collect early...
  15. Loynis

    Fixed [33914] Scoutable and already scouted provinces has different alignment inside hexagon

    I can confirm the behaviour. But can't confirm if it is a bug or not. The bottom of both images are aligned at the same level. But the image on the left has an extra small relic circle at the bottom. So it is bigger than the image on the right. When you align the bottom lines alike, human eye...
  16. Loynis

    Fixed [33915] Tooltip for Magnificent Mage Multiplier show wrong information for chapter 17

    Confirmed. Not a text issue. Currently, chapter 17 Magnificent Mage Multiplier has no effect.
  17. Loynis

    bug in quest N° 27

    Thanks Ursus Major, confirmed.
  18. Loynis

    Fixed [33474] Military Buildings - outdated information

    Confirmed. Similarly, on browser version all military buildings' "Military Help" => "Buildings" tab has outdated information as well.
  19. Loynis

    Fixed [33445] World map cities with blank graphics

    I can certainly tell that something is wrong in here. As Alcaro says, always the same cities have this issue. By dragging the map, you can see the city image changes. It looks like the city is having a random image all the time. I am not sure about the reproduction steps though. As far as i can...
  20. Loynis

    Not a Bug Barracks and Training grounds can be filled simultaneously

    This is not a bug indeed, but an improvement implemented with version 1.113 You can read the release notes in this thread.