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  1. Angeduciel

    Confirmed [Season of Dreams] reward 16 value reported inconsistently

    When i hold my cursor over the reward it tells me the "amount available" which is my inventory for that good.
  2. Angeduciel

    Discussion The Cauldron

    You may be right on the study cost reduction, they may have reduced but I am not sure by how much. Sorry about that. For the potion improving my goods, I got 37.4% which make you believe that is not bad... but when you look at 3h production run, here how it looks like: nothing to celebrate...
  3. Angeduciel

    Discussion The Cauldron

    I like the new feature mechanics. It is not obvious at first but we can figure it out pretty quickly. But… the potion effects are very high in costs for "not much improvement" and they only provide effects for a very short duration!!! I am so disappointed! It is not appealing at all for...
  4. Angeduciel

    Time to say Goodbye

    Thank you @Jackluyt for your devotion towards Elvenar players. I wish you all the best for the future!
  5. Angeduciel

    Neighborly Help Translations

    We all speak different native languages but the beta server is in english, so I think it would be much simpler if everyone put his NH wishes in english ;)
  6. Angeduciel

    Discussion Goodbye from Marindor

    I feel really sad to see you go @Marindor, you are one of the rare few who MADE A REAL DIFFERENCE for us players. Thank you so much for your dedication, hard work, comprehension and all the good things you did for us. I wish you all the best! Is there anything you can share with us on your...
  7. Angeduciel

    Discussion Chapter 20 - The Power of Music

    In the Scrolls manufactory, ascendant good, 3h
  8. Angeduciel

    Discussion Chapter 20 - The Power of Music

    Does anyone has information about the production rate of the settlement buildings per level please (violin, drum and flute maker & ensemble)?
  9. Angeduciel

    Discussion Chapter 20 - The Power of Music

    the Bars are the only item with a portal storage capacity limitation:
  10. Angeduciel

    Discussion Chapter 20 - The Power of Music

    Finally something more interesting to do, chapter 20 is around! I can't wait to review the details of it and get to redesign my city :D:D:D
  11. Angeduciel

    Discussion Challenges

    I am at the end, sitting at the end of chapter 19, same on my Live game... so 1 bag of food is nice, but it won't make any difference in my game. Give me 5 bags or 10 bags and this will make me smile, give me a Dwarven armorer and you will make me dance! :) As for the Wonky Walters building...
  12. Angeduciel

    Discussion Challenges

    really easy challenge, but the prizes are so useless (again) ! Can't we get options so we can chose something interesting for our own city? We all have a different playing style so I am not suprise to see that most of the time a bunch of players are unhappy about the rewards. >>>We could...
  13. Angeduciel

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    I find it way too costly to get a level 4,5 or 6 item... the probability to draw them from the buckets are extremelly low, so I ended up having to merge way too many items to finally be able to get 1 gem :oops: Too soon to draw conclusion but I don't feel like making any progress towards the...
  14. Angeduciel

    Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!

    1- Devil Crystal Balls 2- Nutty Beetle 3- Snail Vessel 4- Flying Iris 5- Sick Bean 6- Kiwi Niche 7- Cerebrum Bubble 8- Licking Buds 9- Globular Glance 10- Distinguished Foliage 11- Cotton Brain Bud 12- Hot & Spicy Peanut Buds It is cool that you are asking for names :)
  15. Angeduciel

    Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    Random prizes from the evolving building could be much better! There are much more valuable stuff you can offer such as pet food, royal restoration, temporary buildings helping us in fighting, temporary production boost (i.e. double of the amount produced for a full day), new soreries items to...
  16. Angeduciel

    Discussion Runeshard Changes

    I welcome this change very much. I have been playing the game for many years and even though I am a fairly active player in tourneys, I still find it hard to upgrade my wonders to their max level. This gives me hope that I can have a few wonders close to level 30/35 in less then 5 years :)
  17. Angeduciel

    Fixed [38825] Trader not showing offers and/or assets

    I don't know if it is related to the same issue, but the problem I have with the trader, is happening when I use the arrow in the notifications, to get me to the "merchants" tab... it shows this: and then if I try to go onto another tab, my screen freezes. I am on Chrome Version 96.0.4664.110...
  18. Angeduciel

    Discussion Chapter 19 - Revenge of the Exile Discussion

    I am stuck on the chapter quest because this time (I hope it is an error), the quest related to military building Training ground is mandatory instead of optional. Please please please make this quest optional.
  19. Angeduciel

    Discussion Chapter 19 - Revenge of the Exile Discussion

    thanks @pilousd for the info on quest request! Really appreciated :) teleportation will be my friend too :)