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  1. Asween

    Events league system + endless quests

    ha ha i remember them too :p that was my best event experience ever
  2. Asween

    Events league system + endless quests

    hi, now situation is: you do all limited quests and end in iron or bronze usually. it would be so interesting to see where we can go if quests be unlimited. of course i understand, inno wants us to spend money, and im ok with that. people should be payed for their work. but may be they can give...
  3. Asween

    Ads in the game?

    one of most pleasant things with this game WAS you could play it calmly without adds drilling your brain...
  4. Asween

    Fixed [44324] Wrong quests?

    why to kill such harmless cute bug? why not let it live and make people happy?
  5. Asween

    Wrong quests?

    dont dare to complain about that - rewards are awesome :p
  6. Asween

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    i cant use time boosters and KP instants
  7. Asween

    Discussion Season of Dreams

    i like it, it is interesting and way more better than old quest system :) but... you shd offer something better to lure me spend my precious diamonds:p
  8. Asween

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    i like this new mechanics, but progress is way way too slow
  9. Asween

    Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!

    theese are plants growing on graves of long forgotten wizards. they are used for making all kinds of potions. 1 - black candle 2 -buggy branch 3- dungcone 4 - flame pea 5 - thornegg 6 - lucky worm (especially rare) 7 - evilbrain fruit 8 - lick-me-not 9 - blind berries 10 - bitterhair leaf 11 -...
  10. Asween

    Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    i do not think normal 10 chests should be made harder. veterans or not veterans, people have made strategies, adjusted game play and turning things upside down is no good. on the other hand, additional chests can be as hard to achieve as you want, thats just additional challenge and additional...
  11. Asween

    Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    im playing a bit more than 1 year, my first event was phoenix, so no idea what was 3 years ago :) but i enjoyed endless quests a lot, cause then was possible to win lots with some strategy and without spending money. i dont mind difficult. i mind if it is possible. and if it is worth
  12. Asween

    Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    my twoppence about event: nice. neat. easy. boring. when those who love challenges will get their starhour? something really hard, with decent rewards, and real possibility get something really cool?
  13. Asween

    Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    no shuffleboard :) :p :) yay!!!
  14. Asween

    Multiple fire phoenixes are ruining the game

    do not place MM, ELR and UUU when you have few! wait until you have a lot of it! then place all and see what happens :p
  15. Asween

    Multiple fire phoenixes are ruining the game

    not someone having more phoenixes or bears is ruining game, but jealousy and false accusations is ruining your own pleasant gaming. relax :) enjoy your city :) and let others be
  16. Asween

    Anniversary Challenge

    unicorn glade is cool :cool: i love it. thanks :)
  17. Asween

    Discussion May Celebrations

    what i can no way understand thats why bother to balance, rebalance unbalance debalance and underbalance system everyone hates? recyclebin it and forget:mad: and yes, fire that fool which says it could be somehow mended. it could not
  18. Asween

    Discussion May Celebrations

    i love single toilet :p it is so cool, and i try to guess who is sitting inside making that green stink. orc king may be?
  19. Asween

    Discussion May Celebrations

    i would like to be positive, i love this game.... but what word in WE HATE LOTTERY SYSTEM they do not understand?