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  1. Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    Thanks both of you. OK, then it seems, it is still same rewards for all players. Good to know.
  2. Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    Thanks for your answer. I obviously didn't mean personalized daily exclusive, rather customized in the same way as buildings (e.g. building don't give orks until you researched them). I know past event the instants was the same for all players, that is why I told they may "fixed" it. Are you in...
  3. Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    I started to read back, but all I see is hate speech, so I stopped reading the thread. Therefore excuse me, if this was already covered... Is this a "fix" in this new event that Ranger Instants was replaced by Dryad Instants? Are the instants depends now on what you can access, so it is only...
  4. Not a Bug Memory leak

    what about edge? I am starting to switch to it as a number of fellows reported positive feedback, some of them even heavy fighters in tourney
  5. Not a Bug Memory leak

    maybe it is not strictly an issue of the client, but also of the web browser; some of my fellow who just switched to html5 after flash was shot down reported that they were unable to play using chrome, but they switched to edge and now have a much better experience I personally play under...
  6. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    Hi guys, Quest #41 says " Upgrade 2 Buildings to level 6 or higher or Use 3 Booster Instants" Booster Instants= time boosters? is that it? Or is it production booster (as well), like PP or MM? Thanks
  7. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    That is the exact reason, why I was asking INNO to implement overcollect feature in my comment a few days/pages ago: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/fellowship-adventures.8853/post-92641
  8. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Overcollect feature was demanded when the new multiquest feature was introduced for FA, but it was neglected. Now with the new badges this request is makes more sense than ever, especially for VV. Since you can not plan what recipe you get in MA, fixing collection at 15 is more ridiculous, then...
  9. Other Mark alle Manufactory

    exactly just need a simple query before this command executes and if it finds that there are not enough resources it should generate an error message and abort the operation easy-peasy :)
  10. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    All the manu-set related badges should be removed, no player should have all 3 of t1 manus in their city. They removed such quests from events long time ago, it is time that FA follows along! They can replace those and put in a volume based production badge, similar to quests: produce a certain...
  11. Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest

    Another concern: what about a "lost item", which is cleared from fog, but not opened yet. Will that be lost, if we move on clearing the fog and the map is shifting to reveal new columns? Is there a warning, not to move ahead, before "lost item" "chest" is collected?
  12. Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest

    Would you, please, elaborate on this. It does not adds up for me. If I spend 420 on candles, I get 42 of them. Is there a better strategy then going through row 2 and 5 with candles, revealing position of all potential rewards and collecting them with another candle if they are above or below...
  13. Battle Get rid of the battleground obstacles

    Why everybody campaign against common sense? The missing feature must be added to the mobile app, not removed from the desktop! Asking for remove obstacles or the entire manual fight is like asking for removal of kp exchange of AWs from the desktop or even AWs entirely, back at the time when kp...
  14. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Please help! In this quest: " Collect 4 Enchantment Items " what does count as "collect"? Only MA or else too (like Spire chest, NH help chest, Tournament reward)? Thanks
  15. Discussion Release Notes version 1.110

    Can someone please explain what this means: " Removed tournament blimps " Thanks
  16. Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    thanks for the information the quest # 94. on your list says: "Solve 6 Encounters or Solve 24 Tournaments Encounters" while it is "Solve 4 Encounters or Solve 16 Tournaments Encounters" for me. It has either changed or there was a copy/paste error when the list created.
  17. Fixed [31786] Crafting icon state refresh

    no, it is not fixed, you still need to click on it first and open crafting for the icon to update
  18. Not a Bug [31812] Issue with Phoenixes

    @Dony, why on Earth you have a problem with that we get more then what promised? And why should Coldfire behave the same as other phoenixes? It has different spects for pop and cult, so it is compensated with boosted coins and tools. Let it go, please.
  19. Spire squad size calc - we need your data!

    Thanks for checking my calculations, I felt I had made some errors. You are right I misunderstood the V value and did not add the research expansions. Also I thought that there is an 0 after SSS rather then an o, so I took the SSSe value. Therefore my input data for my live town is: T = 408 M =...
  20. Spire squad size calc - we need your data!

    not better luck with my beta city T = 70 P = 0 S = 114 V = 19 A = 20 According to excel SSS0 is 71 Actual SSS0 is 46